Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today's tune comes from one of the great masters of all music: Gustav Mahler! If you find classical music difficult I hope you try listening to the piece I'm sharing with you today, the Adagietto from his fifth symphony. It is absolutely beautiful and, in my mind, very approachable for civilians.

This Adagietto is the fourth movement (of five) and may be Mahler's most famous composition. Dominated by strings alone (with harp) it is the epitome of romance. Apparently it is a love song to his future wife Alma Schindler and a letter was found, from Alma to Willem Mengelberg, with a small poem from Gustav Mahler:

Wie ich dich liebe, Du meine Sonne,
ich kann mit Worten Dir's nicht sagen.
Nur meine Sehnsucht kann ich Dir klagen und meine Liebe.

How much I love you, you my sun,
I cannot tell you that with words.
I can only lament to you my longing and love. 

This piece has inspired many choreographers to create ballets and has also been used as the principal theme for a few movies, including Death in Venice by Luchino Visconti.

If someone had written that for me I'd definitely say yes to the marriage proposal. Lucky Alma. Although lucky me: I'm playing this symphony for the first time in a couple of weeks. :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Outfit Misfit

Featured today are a couple of purchases I made in Paris. I could hardly believe my luck when I walked into a lovely little shop, Nilaï, in le Marais district and these shoes and bag were sitting there. I thought I shouldn’t look at the price because there was no way I could afford it, but I did anyway and they were practically a steal!

I adore the shoes from House of Harlow 1960 for the following reasons:
  1. They are slipper style, not ballet flats. A much more nonchalantly cool look. (Also mega comfortable).
  2. The beadwork is unbelievable, and the design has a spider and web which steers it away from being princess-sparkly-shoes which a lot of beaded shoes can be in danger of becoming.
  3. I mean, just look at them.

The bag was more a secondary buy because of all my wardrobe I’d hauled from Australia to Germany I didn’t have a satisfactory going-out bag. Something small and handy that just holds my wallet and Handy (German for mobile phone). I love the vibrant zig-zaggy pattern and it fullfills all my expectations.

And now: wearing these items in a going-out-on-the-town-but-looking-relaxed look achieved by pairing the sparkly shoes and bag with a very simple outfit of jeans and a plain top, and highlighted with a bold red lip.


Top: h and m

Photo notes: thanks once more to the lovely Sarah Weeber for these beautiful shots. Location is on the steps of the Stuttgart Opera House (my kind of night-out location).
Take care of your shoes folks and always use a shoe bag. #bts

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Travel Diary: Heidelberg

Continuing on our travels after Lucerne my parents and I visited Heidelberg, a popular tourist visit in Germany. There’s a good reason for this: it’s a beautiful, quaint town. Everybody loves an Altstadt; oh the cobblestones, the red-roofed buildings.. It was destroyed by the French in the 1690s and was built from the ground up during the 1700s. Luckily it escaped the destruction of WWII. This town has a fantastic Renaissance castle (ruined, of course) which has a great view over the aforementioned red-roofed town.

I love this house that's closest here. The roof is so cool!
After taking the funicular railway up to the castle (or you could always save money and walk up the steep path) we had a lovely lunch in the grounds of the castle and walked around it a bit. Inside the castle is the Grosses Fass: the world’s largest wine cask with a capacity of 229,000L. The barrel was built in 1750 and completed 1751 but in 1762 it started to show increasingly large damages by decay, and apparently had been becoming more and more leaky. The last extensive repair work was in 1767 and after that it was put out of use. It’s kind of disappointing that this huge huge cask was only ever used for a little over a decade. Worth a visit just to imagine the amount of wine it used to hold and for the silly factor. (I don’t have a picture of it here because it was in a very dark room).
The view from the castle of Heidelberg.

I split from my parents after this to do some philosophising. There’s a beautiul path through the steep gardens on the slope next to the river, opposite the castle, called Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Way). I really enjoyed this walk (even though it was hard to philosophise whilst struggling up the very steep part to get to the path) and even more the beer I had in the flowering garden with a view of the castle.
The view of the castle from Philosphenweg.
All in all it was a really lovely day trip.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

Whoops, bit late on this one. I normally like to post these on Wednesday for alliteration purposes. Oh well!

This week I've got coats on my mind. A northern hemisphere end of the year is pressing on my mind and I'm coveting fashionable warmers from Max and Co. They're a relatively young brand from Italy and are part of the Max Mara Fashion Group. I bought a puffer coat from them, the prettiest puffer coat I've ever seen in fact. :)

1. The Egg-Shaped Wool Beaver Coat.

I adore the colour dubbed "coral" and I'm a suck for a tie-front.
I hate the styling with the beanie here. She looks a bit like a chemotherapy patient..

2. The Bonded Coat with zip.

Now this colour is apparently "Emerald Green" but I think it's more a silvery gum-leaf type green. Beautiful.

I'd love to see it zipped up on a person, but there wasn't a photo. Still looks lovely this way.

3. The A-line Car Coat with hood.
I love the neckline of this! It leaves perfect room for a scarf. I think this is the cutest little jacket! Perfect for wearing with a dress. Unfortunately there were no photos of it on a model and styled.

4. The Drape Robe Coat.

Blazer x dressing robe. Perfection.
I love it done this way perhaps even more. It has a more styled/fashion air about it now; less bathrobe.

5. The Reversible Robe Coat.

Reversible?!?! That's a double tick for me. Win-win situation. etc. (sadly couldn't find a photo of it in reverse, may just have to go in store.. ;P )

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Today's tune is from a pretty special Album of the Week that was on fbi radio last week. It's by an artist by the name of Szymon (last name: Borzestowski) and is actually a posthumous release. He was working on it for a while and then lost his war with depression before he ever released it himself. I think it's really beautiful and really sad, and from knowing this maybe it's influenced my perception of the music itself. In any case I really like it and it's also worth listening to the interview fbi did with some members of his family which you can find here.

The album is Tigersapp and the track here is Golden:

Album cover.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly Wish-list

There's nothing like a Gorman lookbook to cheer me up on a series of rainy days and their Spring '15 one is a looker, and not just because it's full of dogs ;P I'm actually loving the kitschy patterns, they remind me a lot of the stickers by Anya Hindmarch. She's a London-based designer who's created sticker appliqués for bags etc. These are my favourite (and I seriously did try and narrow it down) looks:

Excellent layering of the shift over the button up shirt. And who says socks and sandals are a bad thing?
Orange and pink coming together beautifully in this dress.
I like this preppy look very much.
Now this is the perfect cross between overalls and a jumpsuit.
I've been seduced by the kimono-type quilted jacket here.. I'm dying to try it.
Possibly my favourite photo of the lookbook.
Loving this "Garden Party" pattern.
It's got a shuttlecock on it! 
Also, how stunning is this model? I'm trying to grow my hair out so I'm particularly inspired by her long hair and bangs combo. It's a little annoying that they've listed the photography, stylist, hair, makeup, dog collars etc and no mention of the model's name.. Took a bit of digging but I found her on Instagram through the Gorman one (@gormanclothing) and it's Sylvie Goetz.

I absolutely couldn't resist taking a closer look at each pieces and uncovered these lovely gems too:

I used to have brogues quite similar to these but they were quite cheap from ASOS so they lived out a well-worn short life. These seem less winter-worthy but I really miss my white hole-y brogues..

These next shoes are just so pretty! Sparkly and with a ruffle.

And lastly I couldn't leave out this Petal top: simple and clean.

 All images from


Something a little funky today: Love Letter by Clairy Browne and The Bangin' Rockettes. Never fails to get me grooving: that baritone sax riff mm yeah.

"I'm gonna write what I want you to do to me in a letter"