Friday, June 1, 2012

Ultimate Wish List

The first post for this blog! What better way to begin than with a rather unrealistic list: my Ultimate Wishlist.  I have been pondering over the last year, what 3 pieces I hope to have by the time I am 50: classic, lasting, beautiful.
First up: an Hermes scarf.  Ever since I cut my hair drastically short I have been experimenting with headscarves, and think I have got them under my belt.  Hermes is the most well-known brand for silk scarves; and standing at the scarf counter at the flagship store in Paris in March proved that.  It was so busy and I had to push my way through to get served! It broke my bank that day, but I haven't regretted the decision to purchase my first Hermes.  I couldn't be happier with my choice on the colour scheme. So exciting and I intend to take good care of it so it will last me till I'm a granny.
First adventure out of the box, so it's still a bit crinkled in the folds.
Second on the list: Chanel; I am sure this classic brand is on almost every woman's mind.  My mind is on a suit in particular.  I'm sure by the time I can afford one, they will have evolved and evolved into something different, but just as beautiful.  I adore the Spring/Summer 2012 campaign suits and also the photography.
Photo found:  If you have time, check out the other photos from this campaign: really beautiful.
There is a particular suit jacket I'm in love with from the Spring/Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear and that is the pink one in look 19 (see all looks here).  I saw it in the boutique and it's actually backless! It's really difficult to find a picture of it on the internet so you'll just have to go to a store (who needs an excuse really?) or use your imagination.

And last but not least: Louis Vuitton.  Although I adore all of the sugary delight that is the SS 2012 campaign, I am thinking trunks.  I would really love to have an LV trunk for my home, as a central decor piece. This website gives you an idea what I'm thinking about.

Looks real doesn't it? It's actually a cake!! Made on a model of a Louis Vuitton trunk.  My birthday is not for another 10 months so if anyone wants to take the challenge on...  Photo from: here

So there we go, the 3 material things I aim to own by the time I'm 50.  Here's wishing!

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