Sunday, June 10, 2012

Outfit Misfit

Today's Outfit Misfit comes to you from a playground somewhere in Berlin.  What else to do in my first ever and forever favourite jumpsuit than jump?  I bought it more than 2 years ago, on a bit of an impulse.  Jumpsuits were never on my radar but coming across this one I found it really fun and just the colour burst I wanted in my wardrobe.  Since then it has been one of my most loved items of clothing.  True, jumpsuits are a huge pain to go to the bathroom in.. just make sure you're never busting!!  Mine has a zip up to the waist, then 3 buttons up the back.
I highly recommend getting a jumpsuit; mine makes me feel young, carefree and bright.  I am more drawn towards the short versions, but the long ones seem quite interesting and if I ever have cash to burn (not seeming likely at the moment) I'd probably go out and buy one for an experiment.  I think with the full length jumpsuits I'm drawn to the ones with interesting backs, to cancel out the possibility of the long-pyjama-onesie look.
So jumping to conclusions ;)  this jumpsuit was from Alannah Hill (it also came in a blue/orange of the same floral pattern, but buying both would have been incredibly foolish at the time).  Here are some short jumpsuits I'm wishing for: sweet jump suitloud jumpsuit (nothing wrong with lots of colour and pattern! If you're brave enough this one would look amazing and I love the cut in the back), wannabe dress jumpsuit (looks like a dress from the front, but is actually a jumpsuit: for those of you needing a bit of a transitional piece), full length jumpsuit (the backlessness makes me drool, and not in a creepy way) and the other full length jumpsuit (also with an interesting back and I can never resist something along the "I'm a sailor" line).  So indulge in your inner child and hop into a jumpsuit!

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