Monday, June 18, 2012

Outfit Misfit

Here I am standing still, looking into the future (?)

This week's outfit misfit is all about pattern (and trying to stay upright on rollerblades) in another park in Berlin.  Although Berlin is really grey and kind of dreary, it has some nice parks!  And the weekend that I took lots of outfit photos was strangely sunny and hot.

Today I'm featuring an Anthropologie dress that I bought in London on my trip in March.  I just fell in love with the pattern, and as you've seen (and will see in future posts) I am kind of obsessed with it.  This pattern has everything one could want from a crazy pattern: some zigzags and harmonious clashing of colours (orange, yellow and purple)

And in motion, fierce concentration

Now here I'm demonstrating how the dress moves as you move .. Anyway, it's got a really nice tuile petticoat lining just under the skirt part (imagine the function of tuile under the bustier of a dress? food for thought..)

And a close-up to truly appreciate the zigzags and harmonious clashes is definitely required.  Spot the duck! At least, I like to think it's a duck.

Wearing Anrhopologie dress, Topshop headscarf,
Marni for H & M bracelet, and 'rollschuhe' from Aldi!

Here is a back view of the dress. It's a pretty simple dress in design which I feel really compliments the pattern.

I'd like to share some other patterns that I really like; firstly from fabric websites.
Housewares gone wild
Scorpio paisley
Scallop love
Zigzagging awesomeness
(from Emma One Sock)

White Russian
(from Tessuti)

Photos screen shots from clothes on Polyvore

And secondly from actual clothes, ready-made.  Here are a bunch of Carven prints I love:  zigzaggy goodness and awesome happy colours.

So get some print on and let it cheer you, and everyone around you, up!

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