Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Something Old, Something New

And now for a Play-list.  I am journeying towards a profession as a classical musician (still studying) and I'd like to share my favourites with you.  But to break out of the stereotype that classical musicians only listen to classical music; I will also be sharing some 'pop' music songs.

Something Old: String Quintet in C, D.956, by Franz Schubert.  This work was written in 1828, only 2 months before Schubert died.  My favourite recording is played by the Emerson String Quartet with Mstislav Rostropovich as the extra cellist.  The beauty of the cello-duet melody about 2 minutes in never fails to lift my heart.  After all the drama of the opening it is truly beautiful.  Even though the violins play the same melody immediately after, nothing compares to the way the cellos sound.  I really hope you enjoy this one.  Here is the YouTube link for it: the video has been split so the second part is here.  (Unfortunately because I can't upload my own play-lists from my iTunes, I'm not sure who the artists are here..)

Something New: "Little Notes" by Tiny Ruins.  Tiny Ruins is the work of Hollie Fullbrook: a NewZealander musician and songwriter.  The first time I heard her was on FBi radio: an independent Australian radio station playing new music.  Really worth a listen and your support, here is the link, and even if you're not Australian you should go ahead and check it out anyway because you can stream online (my favourite show was "All the Best": stories about Sydney and accompanying music.  It was my favourite thing to listen to on a Saturday morning, but sadly they seem to have replaced this segment with something else).  I adore all the tracks on the EP of the same name as the song I've chosen, and it was really difficult to choose this one.  I find her voice enchanting and the guitar backing soothing.  The lyrics are charming and I encourage you to listen to all of her stuff on bandcamp.com.  Here is the specific link, to make things easy for you.

There's something special about the way music makes one feel, and the two works I've chosen to feature today are really special to me.  I hope you enjoy them as I do.

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