Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Monday has rolled around again: rehearsals, practising, concerts.. busy times.  So let's take a moment and distract ourselves with some tunes!

This week's Something Old is from someone everybody has heard of, good ol' J.S Bach.  It doesn't get much better than Bach for calming the mind and spirit and today I want to share the slow movement of his double violin concerto.  It's to die for!  Almost literally.., I feel like it's an ascension to heaven.  There are so many different recordings; too much choice.  I listen to a version gifted me by a dear friend (he gave me a CD with all his favourite recordings on it, classical of course, for my birthday) in which Nigel Kennedy plays with the Berlin Philharmonic and Daniel Stabrawa.  I haven't listened to many other versions, and for the sake of easy uploading and linking, here is one from YouTube.

This version is by Takako Nishizaki and Alexander Jablokov.  Although I'm a musician I don't classify myself as one of the very studious musicians who researches all the recordings and finds the best one.  I just know what I like and what I don't like, and there were many recordings on YouTube that were pretty hurl-worthy (not this one).  So for my muso friends, if you're reading, please leave a comment with your favourite recording so we can get a wider scope.

Now for Something New and something just as raw and beautiful as the Bach, but in a completely different way.  I discovered this artist when reading a new magazine: Lula.  Now is probably the time to confess that I am a magazine addict and as I currently live in Germany, it's hard to get magazines in English.  So I browse the international section at the big newsagents at Berlin hauptbahnhof (main-train-station) and often find interesting magazines.  Lula has turned out to be a fantastic one!  It doesn't have as many ads or promotions as big fashion mags like Vogue, and has more art and music interviews and interesting questions.  The spreads are beautifully photographed and the whole lay out is sensible.  Sorry about that huge magazine evaluation.. but it really is a great maggie. Now back on topic: there was an interview with Daniel Johnston in Lula.  He is a really interesting person and as well as having really raw and intimate sound, style and lyrics, he draws as well.  The song I want to introduce you to, and my ultimate favourite, is "True Love will find you in The End".

I love this cute little animation made to the song, it's so simple and totally fitting.  What a sweet little blobby looking for true love =)  Here is (possibly) the real video clip.

I'll leave you with a bit of his art.  Take some time to chill out and listen; ascend to a higher plane of being, have a cup of tea, doodle a little.. sure it's Monday but the world can wait a little longer.

Image found here

And this one from here

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