Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Wish-list .. except that it's Friday

And suddenly it's Friday and I missed my Wednesday Wish-list!!  I was busy rocking out (aka: playing viola) and now I've recovered, let's get started.  Seeing as it's Friday I may as well stay behind in time and feature the Louis Vuitton SS 2012 campaign.

Staged with a huge carousel it was a combination of sheers, pastels, broderie anglais, and conjured up thoughts of icing-sugar-dusted-sundaes-fairy-floss.  It could quite possibly be too girly .. but I don't think so.  I particularly adore the broderie anglais collars; my favourite being the oversized ones such as the one worn by the model on the left in this campaign: 
Image from here
Image from here

I was thinking about trying to make one, when I'm back in Australia and have a sewing machine at my disposal, so stay tuned.  I also love the idea of a sheer layer over the skirt; particularly when the sheer is darker than the skirt.  Definitely another do-try-this-at-home piece.  I think the only way I could make all this lacy, sheery, pastelly stuff work in real life would be to wear them with some more masculine items: brogues, crisp button down, or even just a plain tee.

The whole fashion show is fun to watch and still up on the LV website and here's a link to make it easy for you.  On a slight side-note: I think it's quite funny that models are all so sullen looking, and in this fashion show it's particularly hilarious because they're riding a carousel.

So more than anything, this week I'm wishing for the perfect broderie anglais fabric with which I might make something of my own.

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