Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Wish-list

Mid-week slump and no better day than today for an alliterated blog post.  I've had a hard week and indeed a very hard day today, and nothing has eased the pain more than a little wishful thinking and daydreaming.  So today I'm featuring the Celine Trio bag.  It has a cross-body strap and three attachable/detachable pockets.  Very useful for being more organised!
Seriously now: anyone want to buy it for me here on e-Bay?  I'll give you my address =)

If I were to get it, as an investment piece, I would go the beige/nude colour as it would work with lots of outfits and isn't the traditional black.  Having said that, I'm a fan of colour and if I were financially able (I should've bought myself a lotto ticket) I would go for something a bit bolder.  This colour is aptly named: "Hibiscus" (found here.  I'm just dreaming of wearing it with my skinny jeans and a plain tee and jacket..

How was your day?  I hope it was better than mine..
Bis bald! (German for: until soon!)

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