Sunday, July 1, 2012

Outfit Misfit

On top of everything else I have lost a photographer! So I have tried to do these photos self-timed.. I hope the idea still comes across!
Today's outfit misfit comes from Freiburg, where I'm living, featuring a "vintage" skirt.  I found it in a vintage shop in Belfast: The Rusty Zip while I was traveling there in March, on high recommendation from the friend I stayed with in Glasgow. I say it's "vintage" because it's probably from the last few decades and not incredibly old.. although I'm not a very good judge with these things, any vintage experts out there care to date it? When I saw it on the rack I fell in love right away; I think it's the combination of colours and pleats. Although it was a bit too small for me I got it anyway (for a steal at 10pounds!). I like to wear it as a high-waisted skirt with a plain singlet, to showcase the colours that start right at the top with blue. It has a sort of pastel-rainbow look to it and I like to pair it with my pastel pink blazer from H & M (bought in Stockholm). There was a huge pastel trend through the SS 2012 collections, seen through Louis Vuitton as well as Dolce and Gabbana, Miu Miu .. I try not to jump on the trend band-wagon as I feel they are probably short-lived, but I seem to have with the choice of clothing here. It certainly doesn't stop me wearing my brightly coloured clothes though!
Here I am looking slightly stunned and not ready for the camera self-timer to go off..
 Something about Germany which I really love is all the street art. In Sydney it tends to look really tacky and awful and artists graffiti-ers tend to tag all over other people's work. Here there seems to be some kind of respect for the work of others and generally good pieces don't get tagged over (though maybe around). This wall is just part of a series of street art panels near the straßenbahn (tram) station right next to the Musik Hochschule (conservatorium).
Now I've timed it perfectly and am doing a plié.
So I'm trying to showcase the skirt here, while practising my plié.. Gorgeous colours right?! And you gotta love pliés (fantastic workout for your legs and bum apparently).
Now here is a shot where I really wished I had a photographer. It was difficult to get the camera to focus when there's no-one there! So, I'm a little blurry but the graffiti looks great. Oh well, it's through trial and error that we learn.
And here's the obligatory close-up of stunned self.

To the left you see the close-up of my stunned self so you can see the details a bit better.

While we're on vintage I'd like to draw your attention towards the shoes! I also found these in the Rusty Zip and for years I have been searching for the perfect preppy high-heeled penny loafers after I saw them in Vogue Aus once (and these were only 6pounds!! One of the many pros of vintage/thrift shopping). I don't have any close-up pictures to offer here but I will be doing some "Outfit Misfit - Shoe Edition"s soon, so keep on the lookout!

Wearing: vintage skirt, blazer from H & M, singlet from Dotti, belt from other dress, vintage gloves, vintage penny loafers, hairband home-made.

Thoughts? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Photographer volunteers?


  1. I absolutely love the shoes Nicole. A close up of them would be lovely, please! What do they look like with nice blue skinny jeans? From Charlotte x

    1. Close up coming shortly! Due to shortage of time/photographer this weekend's outfit misfit post will probably be a shoes edition =)

  2. Love the one of you leaning against the wall!