Saturday, July 7, 2012


As my time in Germany comes to an end, I feel I want to share with you some highlights from my time in Europe in general. In March I embarked on a huge adventure to an unbelievable number of countries over the one month. Join me in reliving the journey with some piccies from Norway. (Half of these photos were taken through the window of a bus!)

What a perfect picture of wintry trees, boughs laden with snow.
The weather was so stunning! Sun shining + snow = awe-inspiring.
I like this picture so much because it's like a desert island/oasis, only snowy.
Reflections: both in the water and the bus window (the latter less desired/intended)

 I adore the houses in Norway (well, in the Lofoten Islands..) I hope they are as cheerful and sweet as these ones all over Norway. Confirmation from any Norwegian readers?

I found myself so inspired by the scenery of Norway. It's so magical and majestic; the sweeping mountains with their snow-caps. Yet still so humble with it's quaint little houses in brave colours. Definitely on my list of places I want to revisit.

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