Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

Wednesday has finally come around again. It feels like I've lived through a whole other life since last Wednesday! Today on the wish-list is a maxi dress. Friends have heard me say, each summer, that this summer will be the time I buy and wear a maxi dress. Well.. I haven't got one yet. But this year is the year! (I absolutely promise..) The problem is that I'm not a very tall person, and it pains me to publicly admit that I have short legs; so if I get a maxi dress I will most certainly have to take it up. I would never get a baggy maxi, where the fabric falls freely from the straps to the ground. It definitely needs to have a bit of waist-cinching-action going on or it just looks shapeless.

The one that has been consuming my thoughts of late is not a casual summer-breezy number. It's closer to the ball-gown end of the spectrum.

This gorgeous "He Stung my Soul" gown from Alannah Hill is stunning in both black and white! If I were to get it, which colour?! As my sensible friends kindly reminded me: where would I wear it? Well, I would definitely wear it to a recital. Or to the opera. Or the ballet! (because I do all those things on a regular basis ...)

If you followed that Alannah Hill link and saw $649.00 and freaked out: boy have I got a whopper for you! Let's dream a moment and take a little look at Moda Operandi and Valentino.

Isn't it just breath-taking?! I wish some mysterious-millionaire-secret-admirer would surprise gift this to me. Even with my $150 discount/gift and paying half before and half after deliver the 14,445 Euro is probably a little out of my price range ... Still, the flower beading and soft garden colours can be safely admired through the internet window.

Ok time to take a step back and look into some realistic options. Realistic in the sense that I could wear them of a day time, and that they won't put me into a debt depression.

Well proving that great maxi-dresses are hard to come by I only have 2 selections that I think I could actually wear.  On the left we have "Blissful Roses" maxi dress from Ruche and on the right "Into the Eve" maxi from Anthropologie.  The Ruche dress has a lovely cinched waist and I like that the floral print doesn't come off too grandma-y. I also like the way it's cut at the sleeves; I know it doesn't suit everyone, but I am quite happy with it. The Anthropologie dress is a really nice simple white number with some lovely embellishment. Perfect white dress for a smoking hot day.

So look forward to the Outfit Misfit in Southern Hemishperean summer where I am wearing a maxi dress!


  1. Oh wooooooow. The Valentino is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, it reminds me a little of what Flora is wearing in Botticelli's Primavera!

    1. Wow it definitely does!! You're Flora! Therefore you must have a dress like that =)