Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekly Wish-List

This week's wish-list is all about jewellery.  I don't often see a lot of jewellery I like, but some things have popped up over the years that I have found hard to forget.

Image from polyvore: go here
Here is beautiful Natalie Portman wearing Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. tassel earrings.  I really like the colour and the concept! Even though she is wearing these at the Oscars (2011) I think they could be easily translated into everyday life.  Unfortunately, because the year these appeared was 2011, the originals are no longer around.  I have searched high and low around the internet universe and have come back rather empty handed and disappointed in the selection of tassel earrings.
To the left you see my best find.  A different colour but still gorgeous.  I found these here but the site doesn't mention who makes them or where to buy them.
But all is not lost! Tassel earrings are a popular DIY and although they are not the beaded, precious gemstone variety, they are cheap and relatively easy to make. These are probably my favourite because they actually look like earrings and I like that they are navy.

Now here are some big'uns!  The first pair with the stunning contrast of red and blue stones are a pair of Miu Miu earrings found here (I also like the earrings below these ones).  I have been a tiny bit obsessed with big, sparkly costume jewellery since the Prada resort campaign for this year, a favourite example of which you can see in all their soft green and pink glory from the Prada website.  I used to a pair of flower studs which I wore all the time, but the addition of the hanging gems is stunning.  I particularly chose this green and pink pair because it is one of my favourite colour combinations.

And just one more pair of earrings!  These are a bit more modern in appearance and are from the House of Lavande collection on Moda Operandi a while ago.  I am not too enamoured by the rest of the collection, but these earrings are quite simple, yet still a statement.

Time to talk bracelets: my dear friend recently came across a piece of vintage jewellery that blew my mind (see right).  I am so jealous that she found it first! It is a bit of a statement piece, but absolutely gorgeous.  Even though it could well be seen worn with a ball gown, it's first outing was to an american style diner where we ate burgers and fries and drank hard-shakes!

Speaking of ball-worthy bracelets these cuffs are stunners.  The woman who they were made for is Daisy Fellowes: the granddaughter of the man who invented the sewing machine.  She originally asked for a cuff to match her existing "Manchette" bracelets (which were emerald beaded and diamond fringed) and the Maison of Van Cleef & Arpels went all out and made these two cuffs.  They are really special and can be joined together to make one choker necklace.  Personally I would wear them both at the same time, not as a choker, but on each arm; reminiscent of the genie cuffs in Aladdin but way more stylish. 

Now I feel it is my duty to present a bracelet that is within reach (i.e not part of a private collection and able to be bought without selling your soul) and shamelessly promote Australian designers: feast your eyes on the Alannah Hill beauty to your right.   This "Stone Cold Heart" bracelet is found on the Alannah Hill website or go in store if you're in the greatest country of all (so I'm a bit homesick here in Germany..)  I would definitely be buying it if it was coloured, but for now it is staying on the 'I'll have to think about it for a little' list.

I'm not big on wearing necklaces, so sorry for not featuring any here in this post.  As a stringed instrument player I find they conflict too much with the instrument and it would be annoying to continually take it off and on (although having said that; all those earrings above would probably conflict too..)  So as a short-haired gal I love a good headband.  They help keep my cut feminine and give me a sense of choice when I wake up in the morning; seeing as I don't have the choice of whether I should wear it up or down.  So here are a couple of gorgeous headbands to gawk over; both courtesy of the genius that is Miuccia Prada.
Miu Miu: found here
Prada: found here

Diamonds Anything sparkly is a girl's best friend!

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