Sunday, August 5, 2012

Outfit Misfit

Well it has certainly been a while since I've done an Outfit Misfit post! I finally found a photographer with skill and will (willingness to take some time to photograph silly old me). This week's Outfit Misfit is a display of Geek Chic; note the librarian glasses (no, they aren't prescription ...), the presence of my viola, a below the knee skirt AND the clincher: cat sweater! Perhaps it should be on my online dating profile (I don't have one, in case any young eligible men are reading: sorry!) I'm a librarian who loves cats and plays viola. I wonder how many hits I'd get ...

I now defend myself and this whole outfit. The combination of a below the knee skirt and a more tightly fitted sweater is a beautiful one and I think it has an almost vintage look. I love patterns, but I'm not big on clashing them. However, here I think it works: geometric patterned skirt named Backhanded Backgammon Skirt from Gorman with the cat sweater. I'm not sure why it works.. or maybe you think it doesn't work? (Comment!)  Now the glasses belong to my dear friend and new photographer: Berny and they really helped take the outfit from interesting to Geek Chic.
Super geeky face !

Now let's talk about shoes! I'm obsessed with loafers/slippers/whateveryouwanttocallthems at the moment. They are really comfortable and are simpler than the traditional ballet flat and I feel they give every outfit an uncalculated/effortless cool vibe.

My photographer's skills.

Viola love! 

Skirt: Backhanded Backgammon Skirt Gorman
Sweater: Boutique in Singapore (can't remember the name,.. sorry!)
Shoes: Equivalent of Payless in Germany
Glasses: Stylist's own (i.e: belonging to my photographer Berny)
Bracelet: Marni for H&M
Viola: green BAM case


  1. Hahaha you just made my night, your "online dating profile" comment reminded me of this!

    1. Hahah love that video! Have you seen the "kids react" to that?