Monday, August 13, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Last week was totally nuts! And this week is looking equally as bad, or possibly worse. So please excuse my brainlessness in any posts coming recently!

This week I'd like to start with Something New. It's a song from the Skins soundtrack (if you haven't watched the first two seasons of this UK TV show you really should! I love movies/books/etc that are depressing though..) This song: "It's All Over" by Broken Family Band has a really creepy, haunting quality. His voice is so sweet yet he is singing such intense lyrics, see my favourite stanza:

I could bind, your beautiful wrists 
And shut, your beautiful eyes, 
With the drugs, with the drugs, with the drugs
And kick, your beautiful doors in 
O shame, on your beautiful friends, 

So enough talking about it... here it is!

Now for Something Old: Benjamin Britten's first Suite for Solo Cello. I think the opening is so beautiful! Please listen, it isn't that long for all you non-musos out there. I want to say more about it, but I'm really tired so I'm just going to go to sleep instead.. =)  I hope your day was better than mine, and if it wasn't then I hope that these pieces will soothe your brain and heart.

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