Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

It's still winter here in Australia, although the weather is continuing to be fine leaving us all in anticipation of a gorgeous spring and (hopefully) hot summer. So I like to think it's still acceptable to be thinking about winter boots, or for all of you over there in the Northern Hemisphere it's definitely applicable for the coming Autumn. I walked past these Hermés boots in Melbourne last week and haven't been able to stop dreaming about them really.. Picture time!

Image from here
To me, they are the perfect flat boot! Of course I haven't tried them on (because I feel so silly going into a store like that if I can't actually buy anything!) so I can't say they really are perfect.. I like that they are so simple and they are only adorned by the one buckle. They are made of calfskin and go for $2250. If you're in Melbourne I recommend walking by the Hermés store and just gazing at them for a while.

Happy middle-of-the-week everyone!!

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  1. It must be boot-lust season! I've been sighing over these lately, I think they're the perfect black mid-heel ankle boot - the chestnut colour is beautiful too!