Thursday, September 20, 2012


Now to the post I had actually planned for today:
Every week I do a Wish-list post and a Play-list post (Something Old, Something New) but I am failing on the To-Do-list part of my blog title. It's because I'm lazy and don't do many DIY projects these days.. but I did do something a couple of weekends ago! I started out with the grand plan of making a bookshelf from a ladder but as all good plans do, it went awry. Wooden ladders that have rungs on both sides are stupidly hard to find! No hardware stores stock them because they're unsafe for actually doing handy-work on (why don't they think of the people that don't want to climb them and actually just want to use them for interior decoration purposes? I should write a letter of complaint..) so I found a place called "The Ladder Shop" in Sydney and they have the perfect ladder for my project! However, it is not the perfect ladder because it would set me back $500. So I thought about how many great outfits I could buy with that and I decided to go down a different route..

I heard on the radio (FBi 94.5) about people making bookshelves with planks and bricks. It is the epitome of student resourcefulness in that planks of wood are cheap and bricks are even cheaper (70c a brick at Bunnings to be exact). Off I went on an adventure to Bunnings (for any non-Aussie readers out there it's just a huge hardware store) and bought the things I needed. I spent that morning building my very own bookshelf. I started off very sceptical as I thought it looked pretty awful: bricks and planks, but as I began accessorising it with my books it improved and overall I'm very happy with the effect. It's no ladder-bookshelf but it certainly does the job and looks suitably funky. What do you think? Like? Dislike? Hate?

Full frontal pic


Pulling out one of my many Vogues..

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