Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lazy September

After Audition August it's time for a bit of regrouping and focusing of my energies on the things I love. I have named this month Lazy September! It won't actually be lazy, it will really be a time for me to focus on myself and improve on things that are important to me.  The following aren't in any particular order or priority:

1. Blog regularly: as you've probably seen, my blog has been in a bit of a sorry state.. It's something I have wanted to do for such a long time so I really want to take the time and effort to work on it properly.

2. Practice more: seeing as I want to be a professional musician, I guess I'd better just man up and do the practice already! I go through phases where I practice a lot, but usually when lots of auditions are coming I never have the time to do it properly. So now is the time to really work on my recital repertoire for November and really just play for myself. It's nice not to have to practice for specific things and it will be good to focus on some specific weaknesses in scales and studies.

3. Exercise more: I will be totally truthful here and tell you that I feel like a whale. I know I don't look like one and I am actually looking ok to the unobservant bystander, but by my standards I've really not been looking after myself. I feel like I haven't been running properly all year and it's time to get back into it seriously. The aim is to go at least 3 times a week and maybe one swim. I am determined on being totally babe-ing this summer!

4. Re-start my knitting: I am an avid knitter, but people may not know that recently seeing as I have just not been doing it! I started a shorter length bolero whilst in Germany and it's pretty much done except for some tricky edging with circular needles and the joining up. So time to stop putting it off and get to it!

There are a couple of other things on the list for Lazy September but 4 seems such a good number. I want to read more books, read the magazines I haven't read yet (of which there are 10+!!), start doing more DIY and sewing things and do more fun Sydney stuff. Hopefully I keep my September not so overloaded with work and these goals become a reality. What are your goals for the month? Please share =)

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