Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Night At The Museum

The Museum was: The Australian Museum and the night was Tuesday. The event is called Jurassic Lounge and there are only 3 more Tuesdays left until it's all over for the year! There was live music, UV face-painting, pin the arms on the dinosaur, drinks (of course), burlesque dancing, an underwater dance tent where you can play with toy whales and fish too, games of twister and UNO, silent disco.. (If you don't know what silent disco is it's where everyone wears headphones and you dance to the music that way, so the volume isn't so ear-ruining and if you take the headphones off you can actually have a conversation. Some places even have choices of different music so if you don't like a song you can change it. Awesome concept!) There was also a nanna's corner but we didn't end up getting there =( It's a really great idea and all the museum's exhibits are open, so if you're feeling studious you can read up on some Australian museum-y stuff (I obviously wasn't..) Another great thing about it is that it only runs until 9:30pm so even though it's super fun, it's a Tuesday, and we all need to go to sleep at a respectable time in order to avoid the mid-week hangover (not pretty..)

Here are a couple of pics of me, and some friends, and the UV face-paint. I really urge all of you to go and here is the website you should go visit to make it happen.

Katherine and Carmen

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