Sunday, September 16, 2012

Outfit Misfit

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This week's Outfit Misfit comes to you from Canberra! I went to Floriade today, more about that later.. (and a special Floriade themed Outfit Misfit next week!) I have had a great weekend =) The weather is beautiful right now here in Australia: sunny and blue skies most of the time, even here in the Canberra.  So I feel it's appropriate to pull out my tutti frutti top from Gorman. I bought this at the Gorman outlet store in Melbourne and I am so happy that I found it. Months ago this print was in store and I was torn between whether I should invest in it or not. Because it things are quite expensive in store, not on sale, I decided it was too big a risk to take on an out-there print I wasn't sure I could rock. So when I saw it cheap-as-chips in the outlet store I was stoked! (How's that for an Aussie sentence there?) I haven't yet worn it out.. I still feel like people are going to point and laugh because I feel like it's a print that's super loud and like one of those ladies that has a fruit bowl on her head dancing in a crazy dress. Do you know the kind I mean? Well it's right there above (and the poster is just hilarious)

Anywhere, here I am where this vibrant Gorman shirt, Country Road purply/plum jeans, bracelet by Marni for H&M and sandals by Gorman. I absolutely adore these sandals, and have them in numerous colours, as you will soon see.

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