Sunday, September 23, 2012

Outfit Misfit

This week I didn't get a 'real' photographer (i.e my clever and generous girlfriends) and I only had a photographer of the male variety who isn't really interested in clothes.. So forgive the photos. As I have mentioned in excitement for the last couple of weeks, last weekend I went to Floriade: the flower festival in Canberra. It was really beautiful! It was the first weekend and not all the flowers were in bloom but with a million bulbs at the show, there were definitely enough out.

You might remember from this older post that I was coveting a Sacha Drake maxi-skirt that I saw in InStyle magazine. Well.. I went on an adventure to the store in Woollahra and bought one! It's slightly different to the one in the picture of that post but is the one from InStyle. I feel so proud to be supporting Australian designers! (In case you've forgotten, Sacha Drake is from Brisbane). Now on the other stuff in the store.. I have to say I felt like it was a bit more for an older demographic. Lot's of very beautiful prints, but a bit more painterly rather than strong geometric or quirky stuff which I tend towards, and the dresses are all mid-knee (a bit longer than I like to wear because I think my legs are a one of my better assets..) and with materials and designs intended to help shape the figure. I hope this isn't coming across in a bad way.. I think the stuff is great! But just not right for me at this time. The maxi-skirt is a dream come true but other than that there was nothing else in the store I wanted to try on. I still encourage you to go out and check out her things! Or maybe just do so online: easy as pie.

Anyway, I feel bad giving a less than raving review, when in fact I am raving about the item that I invested in! So now it's photo time:

The above picture is probably the best one in terms of showing off the full-length of the skirt. Taken with my friend's iPhone so maybe the quality isn't that great. Unfortunately I didn't go on the ferris wheel =(

Even though, as you can see, the day was sunny and gorgeous; it was still a little chilly down there in Canberra so instead of wearing my plain white tee with the skirt I needed to layer on a sweater. I thought this purple one goes alright with it.. It's funny here that the skirt looks a bit like palazzo pants (a 'trend' I'm not sure I'm ready to try). It's so flowy and beautiful and made the simple act of walking feel just that little bit dreamier (and the colours and print! *sigh*).

And here I am in front of the official Floriade sign! Truly great experience and anyone who has never been should make it a point to go in their lives.

Be like the pink flower! Stand out from the crowd and be proud.
My male friend was sceptical about my choice of fashion and I was a bit upset that he didn't receive the skirt as well as I thought he might. It brought up all these thoughts about confidence in wearing what you want to wear. Go along to this here blog post by a really great DIY blogger. Wear what you want to wear and don't worry about what other people think! Even though I didn't get a positive response from the person I wanted to get a positive response from, I got many compliments from other Floriade-goers and I adore the skirt myself. So that's enough for me and I will definitely be wearing the skirt many more times to come.

Wearing: Sacha Drake skirt, Oxford sweater, belt from a different dress, white tee from Jay Jays, bag by Miu Miu and no makeup or hair consideration things (a mistake!). I also wore cute floral socks by Alannah Hill but I don't have a photo of them. They will turn up in another post, possibly sock-related, in the future.

Now, I hope I'm not bombarding this post with too many photos, but I have to include a few of the flowers themselves too. Sometimes I'll edit my photos using Instagram but today I'm feeling a realisticism (yes, a made-up word) mood and have let them be.

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