Monday, September 10, 2012

Something Old, Something New

So I was saying yesterday in my Outfit Misfit post that I was in Melbourne playing with MSO, well last week I was in Tasmania playing with the TSO! For such a little island they have a good orchestra and I found the overall experience much more enjoyable than the MSO one because of the repertoire and also because I was billeted with a lovely older couple with an amazing house (photos of all that to come in a later post). So this week's Something Old was what we played in concert last Friday: Prokofiev's 5th Symphony, and for time's sake I've chosen the second movement. Sergei Prokofiev is one of the great Russian composers and lived 1891-1953. He had some problems (i.e conflict of interest) with the Soviet government and this really affected a lot of his music. Anyway, you should listen and form your own ideas about his music. It was incredibly fun to play and I hope you enjoy it too! (ABC Classic fm recorded our performance but I'm not sure how you can listen back..)

And for Something New and completely different: Ties by I have a Blood Type. This is a really rough-sounding song in that you can hear a bit of static, but I really like that effect here. I like it's wishful sort of quality and the vocals just seem to float around. It's available for free download on (if you haven't been to that website and you love music you should definitely go now!).  THIS is the direct link to the song and now I think that the band is called Velvet Bumble Bees.. or the singer is Amelia Pianola. Confusing! Anyway, it's just lovely.

I hope these tunes get you going on a Monday in one way or another!

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