Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week's Play-List post is very upbeat and happy! I guess the beautiful weather and lack of auditions has finally cheered me up considerably. I am genuinely happy right in this moment =)

Beethoven is a name hopefully you all know. One of the greatest composers of all time! His quartets are my favourite works of all his repertoire and the Razumovsky quartets were written in 1806 as a result of a commission by Count Razumovsky (a Russian ambassador in Vienna). It's said that you can hear some Russian influence in the themes of the first two Razumovsky quartets; the first being in F major and the second being in E minor, which is where this week's Something Old comes from. I've linked here the last movement of this quartet. It's so buoyant and happy! Enjoy.

Something New is from an overall upbeat album by The Givers. I discovered these guys through FBi radio and I've really enjoyed their album In Light. The number I'm sharing with you today is Atlantic. 

I absolutely LOVE the moment around 3:20'. Listen to the whole song first though and you'll hopefully feel what I feel at the moment.

I'll also link this cute little vid of them playing live in a kitchen. It's really natural and real and I like that.

I hope that if you're down, these songs cheer you up, and if you're up, you feel even upper! =D

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