Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

This weekend I'm going to Canberra for Floriade: a huge flower festival (it's Spring!!). I'm really excited, but not super excited.. the thing that would make me super excited would be something new and floral to wear! So on the wish-list this week are a few items that I have seen around and am thinking about.

Image from here

This stunning maxi skirt would cross off another thing on my extensive fashion list: get a maxi skirt/dress for summer. It's by Sacha Drake, a Brisbane designer of whom I have never heard of until I saw an image in the latest InStyle magazine. This skirt, named Freida, is so vibrant and pretty in it's florals. I also love the styling in this particular photograph with the blue shirt and yellow necklace. I really want to go to the store in Sydney tomorrow to try it on, as I think maxi things may not work so well on me (due to my short =( legs) and check out other clothes as I am now intrigued by this designer.

Image from here
A close-up of the pattern.

Floral option #2: the Liberty Floral dress from Jigsaw. I am adoring the shape of this and the floral pattern is on a smaller scale than the giant flowers on the Sacha Drake maxi-skirt. Anything with a cut-out in the back pretty much wins over my heart straight away and the skirt shape would definitely be flattering. As well as this fantastic dress, there is a lovely floral blouse on the website. So GO TO IT!

Lots of options! I will take lots of photos after the weekend and show you what I went with in the end.

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