Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

Last week I was walking around The Strand Arcade in the Pitt Street Mall determined to only by a pair of socks/stockings from Alannah Hill and window shop the new Rhys Lee collaboration with Gorman. Because I've been in Germany most of this year, and being so poor on my return have been trying to curb my shopping habit, I hadn't been in The Strand for a long time and so my breath was taken away when I walked past the maybenew Lover store. Everything in their latest collection is SO beautiful! The lace! Definitely wedding-day-worthy. So I pretended that I was richer than I am and went in and browsed. I'd like to put almost everything on the wish-list today but I'll be conservative and stick to just one item. It's one of the cheaper things in the store (at almost $600 it's hardly cheap but compared to the $1000+ items it is) and is called the Plume dress. It was there in black and white and I would like either please!

Image from here
First the campaign photo ^ then a close up.. The almost paisley of the over-layer is really pretty and you have to go in the store to feel the kind of fabric it is. It's a bit stiffer than you'd expect, recreating a plastic effect (but it's not plastic! and it feels and looks great). I didn't try on the dress but just by looking at it I thought it was pretty short and looking at the model above it's well above the knee.. This sort of sheer over-layer over a slip reminds me of this old blog post I did featuring Louis Vuitton but the other way around. I'd real like to have a go making something like this with a simple dress pattern and bought slip.. I'm not sure I have the best sewing skills though so it's a long-term project for sure!

This image is from the Lover website so go ahead and look through the rest of the collection.
This dress also came in black, and I couldn't decide which of the two I preferred.. they're both too beautiful! It's been hard to find an image of the black one on the internet and the campaign photo is styled with a jacket so you can't see much of the dress. Here it is anyway so you can get the idea:

Image from here. Also note the hair-styling in the Lover campaign, braids!

So.. anyone got a spare $600 lying around they want to give to a good cause? (i.e. me having this dress)

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