Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

It's no secret that I love wearing boys clothing. Admittedly I only do it at home.. there's nothing quite like cuddling up in a big sweater, or feeling gangster in a huge hoodie and let's not even start on wearing their t-shirts to bed. But maybe I can wear these things out in public, if only I could find a piece that I think would be worthy of it. Well today I have! Check this baby out:

Click here to go see it at all it's different angles
What's not to love? Horses that are flying! This awesome sweater is by MSGM and is in the men's collection only (click the picture's caption to see it). Now if there are any boys out there reading, would you wear that? I can't really imagine many people I know being brave enough to do it.. So why not just buy it and give it to me? I'll wear it for you =)

On the To-Do List:

It's time I started writing down what I want on my to-do list for when I finish uni and have loads of time (here's hoping..) so I'd like to start off my list with a project that's going to take quite a lot of effort and time.

Maybe (or maybe not) you remember that I wanted this dress a little while back with the amazing panther print. Well it was so expensive and I'm trying to be really good and save some money so I'm going to have a try at DIY-ing something similar. I figure I can make a simple white dress with fabric that I've printed with a panther pattern. I realise that it won't look nearly as amazing as the dress is because of the detail in the panthers on the original, but I will give it my best shot. I plan to make a stamp with a foam-cut panther stuck on a wooden block and stamp the fabric before cutting and making the dress.
Image from here
And let's take a closer look:

Image from the very same spot

My first goal will be to reproduce the panther shape and then through experimentation maybe I can get some more detail by hand-painting some things on after the general panther shape has been stamped.

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess made this pony dress using her stamp method:

You should go to her blog and check out how she did it. And I'll also give a link to where she explains about making stamps.

I know I'm being pretty ambitious here but what's life without a challenge? I aim to give this project a try in December sometime. In the meantime maybe I should practice with little stamps and small projects like cushion covers..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Today, unusually, I am feeling incredibly uninspired.. So I had to look back at a list I once wrote and think really hard about what I should post today.

Let's start with Something New this week, something I shazam-ed on the radio the other day. Maybe it's a bit emo, but hey.. everyone needs that at times. As I said, I'm uninspired so I won't say much.

And for Something Old I give you Arvo Pärt (Estonian). Makes me feel like I'm standing in a crypt, and I kinda like it. Here's the Kyrie from his Berliner Messe (Berlin Mass). In fact I lie, this isn't really that Old, it was written 1990 or so.

I don't know if it's Monday blues or what, but this feeling is not a good one. I hope you're feeling better and more inspired than I am!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Outfit Misfit

This week's Outfit Misfit is all about matchy-matchy. Sometimes matchy-matchy can look absolutely awful. I particularly loathe it when I see leopard print shoes, with a leopard print bag, with a leopard print top or something *ew*. But I think matchy-matchy can be worked and it's all about picking some interesting colours and a crazy print never hurts, check out how Prada worked it for their A/W 2013 line:
Image from here
I went three-way matchy the other week with purple and orange; skirt, sandals, headscarf. I have a great Gorman skirt that I have loved and adored for more than a year now. When I first saw the pattern I wanted to get the full dress, but skirts are always more affordable and I have not regretted my decision since. I think this piece may even have been the first thing that got me hooked on Gorman!


Skirt - Gorman
Sandals - Gorman
Top - American Apparel
Headscarf- Marni for HandM

These pictures were taken in the Sydney Botanic Gardens on the way to Andrew Boy Charlton pool (remember I told you earlier that I'd be taking more pictures in the Gardens as the weather got better); my friend and photographer Bernadette and I were going for a swim. So the following photos are post-swim and I haven't re-done my headscarf yet, waiting for my hair to dry.

Just being silly. How do you like my model pose? ;P

Tourist photo of the week.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Out and About - Arty Happenings

I've been getting out and about to a lot of quite arty things lately (although I missed all of Art and About Sydney and that breaks my heart a little bit). I went to something called Art for Art's Sake which was an art show at Fox Studios. It was nice to walk around and look at a lot of new Australian art and some of it was really quite good! I'm not really an art expert so I can't say much about the pieces.. The artists that really caught my eye were: John Hablitschek Gems for his amazing gum-nut necklace, Sarah Ryan, Emma Rooke, Janet Ayliffe, Margaret Hadfield for some amazingly pictures of Australian trees and landscape (and she has a gallery in the ACT, check out the link here, and go if you're in the neighbourhood!), Gabby Malpas, Melissa Read-Divine, Sandi Rigby (see some of her work at this gallery), Neil Hicks, Georgie Gall, Kim Kennedy and there was an amazing Gusu Silk Art stall (although it worries me that the artists are in China and all their things are here and their name isn't mentioned on the card..). I can't remember exactly which artist, although I'm 90% sure that it was Kim Kennedy, but there was a really cool sculpture of a redheads matchbox. It was a wooden trunk/box that had been painted and was very cool. I encourage you to go ahead and click the links of the artists' names to see some of their work. Now that I'm looking at some of their websites a couple of my particular favourites are Janet Ayliffe, Margaret Hadfield and Melissa Read-Divine. The latter two both producers of very Australian paintings (I'm so patriotic!).

A picture of all the business cards I picked up of the artists I liked (that's how I was able to remember them all weeks later in writing this post!)

As well as that fun trip (no I did not buy any art..) I went on a trip to Canberra and visited the National Gallery of Australia. It was really amazing! It totally blew my mind with all the stuff they had there. I really enjoyed seeing a bunch of Australian art like Arthur Boyd; whose paintings are very interesting.
There were also great fashion displays in glass boxes of old Vivienne Westwood and Emporio Armani outfits. Lots of interesting photography and the exhibition that I had gone to see was one I read about in a magazine and it was by Carol Jerrems. She died at a sadly young age (1949-1980) and it was amazing to look at photography assignments from her student days. There were some really beautiful and also really confronting photos.

Unfortunately I hadn't realised that the new portrait of the Queen was being unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery just across the road =( Maybe on my next trip there I'll see it. I didn't go because I much prefer landscape sort of paintings and figured the Portrait Gallery wouldn't be so interesting. And the National Gallery's shop just sucked me in.. It had a lovely range of things and among my favourites were: milk bottles (I bought 2 different sizes and have been using them as vases, I'll put up a post about them sometimes), a beautiful watering can (but it was $160 or so! eek), a vintage-style rolling pin (you know the ones that have ball-bearings inside?), and all the beautiful diaries and journals and books. They also had a very flamingo-themed little section going on with some gorgeously gaudy pillows and umbrellas. So if anyone is wondering what I'd like for Christmas (hehe ;) I would love you forever if you gave me a rolling pin with ball-bearings.

I'm really disappointed about not getting to Art and About Sydney while it was on ='( There was an installation which resembled a living room except that it was raining inside. I would really have loved to see it. I have to get myself more organised so I end up seeing everything I want to see! The plans for this weekend involve hopefully getting to Sculpture by the Sea (Bondi). I'll let you know what it's like! I hope your week went well and you've got a fun and creative weekend coming up =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

So I'm on a shopping ban, but that certainly doesn't stop me window shopping through the internet. I find it's easier to window shop on the internet because if I go into stores I want to try stuff on and that just leads to buying things.. So I'm sorry that I am always posting things that are on Moda Operandi but it's really one of the most exciting fashion websites that I drool and dream about, and sometimes very naughtily buy from (there will be a super special outfit misfit shoes post very soon =D).

There are some items that are considered staples in a wardrobe and I'm finding everywhere I read that there is a particular staple blouse; and that is from Equipment. The brand was started around 1976 with Christian Restoin introducing men's shirts into women's wear. Restoin chose to specialise in these shirts, but Serge Azria took over in 2010 and extended the brand's name into pajama set, shirt dresses and silk tee shirts and just recently a cashmere collection. However the shirt is still the main thing that Equipment are known for. So I'm almost seriously thinking about actually getting an Equipment shirt (shopping ban? When did I say shopping ban?).

The one I've been eyeing on Moda Operandi is the Easy Rider Signature Blouse. I adore the print! It's quite interesting that the shirt 306euro and the dress in the same pattern is 270euro.. Anyway, absolutely amazing so I'll shut up and load the photos. There is also a super cool zebra print one but it doesn't make me swoon quite like the motorcycle one. (All images from Moda Operandi).

Now just as a point of interest: I was trolling the Equipment website and found an absolutely gorgeous pajama set! It's called the Avery pajama set. Wouldn't it be nice to laze around in bed in that? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trend Tracker Tuesday

This may not be a regular segment... I just like alliteration =P

Trends are something I don't find my self consciously following but it's almost impossible not to with the world we live in today. But I do understand that by going on the various shopping websites the things that they choose to stock are often part of a trend and therefore I am partaking in a bandwagon hopping-upon action. In any case I thought I'd look at a trend that I think I might try this coming summer: all white. It has been in a lot of the SS 2013 fashion shows and I particularly like the look where the cut is incredibly simple and sharp.

The first example we have here is from Christopher Kane and I'd like to focus on the jacket in particular. I'm loving the cut of it, and I've included a better photo of just the jacket. Pretty sharp hm?

Both images from here

Next up we have a really cute retro all-white look from Louis Vuitton.  I love a little Twiggy look and the dress on the right (and possibly the model) remind me so much of that. I am such a big fan of wearing really short dresses with longer sleeves too.. balances out the leg-revealing-ness (I'm just making up words all over the place today!). Now what do you think, is the one on the left a jumpsuit? I think I can see a shorts split there.. if so, super cool! And you all know how much I love a jumpsuit.

Image from here.

And because three is the magic number, here is the last example: Dion Lee (Australian designer!). I think that's even Montana Cox modelling for him here; she's the latest winner of Australia's Next Top Model. A bit of a kimono-type jacket, and when Haider Ackermann was doing lots of kimono drapey stuff a while back (maybe he still is..) I was definitely not a fan. But we're not going to go into that right here, because this kimono style jacket is still very form fitting and maybe looking back at the Christopher Kane one I have a thing for a jacket which shows a bit of skin..

Image from here
In fact I think the whole white look would look quite pretty in a lacey dress format, even though I said I like it sharp and simple. What do you think? I am banned from shopping at the moment, in an effort to save money, so I'm not going to buy anything but perhaps I'll go window shopping sometime and put a post of what things I'd like to wear that are a bit more accessible (i.e. not right off the runway and costing gazillions of dollars).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week's Something New is another little number I discovered through the radio. I love Australia and supporting Australian artists and you may remember last week's band/duo was from Sydney (and more on a gig I went to see them at later), well these guys: Traveller and Fortune, are from Adelaide. This song is the only one I've heard as yet, but I'm going to go onto their bandcamp page and listen to the rest of the album and see how it goes. This song is so upbeat and happy I can't imagine anyone not liking it!

This week's Something Old is on the program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music's Symphony Orchestra concert this coming weekend (here is a link to take you right there if you're keen). It's Brahms' second symphony and it's so hard to choose a favourite Brahms symphony (there are 4) and sometimes I might say that this is mine. The second movement of this one is definitely my favourite (although the one from the fourth is also amazing..). So here it is: the second movement to Brahms' second symphony. I am in love with cello, it's no secret, and the opening of this makes me swoon.

Happy Monday people!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit Misfit

This week's Outfit Misfit is a a rainy day edition. Believe or not, even though the weather here has been crazily beautiful, there were a couple of days a little while back of total misery and rain. It even snowed in the Blue Mountains (only a couple of hours north of Sydney)! But I didn't let the weather get me down, in fact I seized it as an opportunity to wear my new little rain boots I'd ordered on the internet and bring out my favourite vintage umbrella (that makes it sound like I have a lot of vintage umbrellas and this one is my favourite.. but that's not the case, I mean it's my favourite umbrella and it just happens to be vintage [in fact I only have one umbrella too..]). Thanks to my friend Bernadette for taking the photos for me in the beautiful Botanic Gardens of Sydney. The rain managed to stop just as we were going to take the shoot which was both good and bad, good for photo quality I guess but bad because I actually wanted an authentic rainy day edition. As the weather fines up you'll be seeing lots of photos in the flowering Gardens.

I bought these little pink gumboots, on a whim, off an internet site (I can't really remember it now because I think it was all a bit overwhelming..) and they were super cheap. I'm talking $10! They have a tartan-y fake-burberry pattern inside and a pink bow on the front. They look and sound very plastic-y which is perfect for the rainy weather. When I got home from Germany and they were waiting for me I was a little worried and didn't know how I felt about wearing them in public; they look a little overly girly and not in an Alannah Hill way, but in a 5 year old way. But when it's raining I don't really care if I look like a 5 year old as long as my feet are dry =)

Who says you can't wear pink and red at the same time? Certainly not me. Back in the day when I had pink hair I didn't hold back from wearing pink at all. So I'm also wearing my "little red riding hood" jacket as many people call it. It's Alannah Hill and I love how Alannah Hill has such great names on the tags for her clothing (I have a trench coat that's called "she flies first class trench"); it's just such a pity I can't remember the name now! I should save tags or at least commit them to memory. It was my favourite jacket while I was in Germany because it's SO HUGE. I can wear a a couple of thicker jumpers underneath it and the hood is amazing. It's a bigger hood that comes over the head more and is perfect for blocking out the wind. No other hoods can compare.

Just lazing around.

The close-up shot of the shoes and umbrella. As mentioned before, the shoes were really cheap so I try not to complain too much.. but I wish the little bows would sit straight and face the front! But let's talk about the umbrella. Isn't it an amazing colour?! So happy and yellow. I also love the wooden handle and chain. It bought it from a vintage festival and it was quite expensive but the good thing about that is that I am much less likely to lose it. You can see a tiny glimpse of the lining of my jacket too in the above photo.. it's really cool lining and I will definitely take another photo some time of just that.

Cheesy twirling of my umbrella.
Jacket - Alannah Hill
Blouse - Alannah Hill
Fluffy jumper - Alannah Hill (so warm!)
Jeans - J Brand
Rain boots - unknown website..
Umbrella - vintage

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

This week for the wish-list I was thinking about doing a swimwear segment, seeing as the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Sydney lately and summer is close I almost feel like I can touch it. I tried on a really cool swimsuit in the pattern of this funky fruity top and really loved it except that the only sizes in store were 6's. And I am definitely not a 6 and will not inflict that kind of atrocity on the world.. I then tried to find a picture of it on the internet so that I could show you all but either I'm technologically blind, or it doesn't really exist. Well, I found it in the Gorman outlet store so that may be the reason why it's not on their website anymore.

So seeing as that plan fell through I decided to troll the Moda Operandi website, as I've been known to do.. And I found one of the most exciting trunkshows yet! It's Stella Jean, a designer I had not yet heard about and her S/S 2013 collection is full of great prints (and you all know how much I love an interesting print. How cute is this picture on the M'O website? It was on their slide display on their home page and immediately caught my attention. The featured skirt is definitely one of my favourite things in the collection, and in that look it's paired with a parrot print blouse =)

My other favourite thing in the collection is the sheath dress with contrast collar. Is it perhaps that the print reminds me of pineapples? (and it hasn't been a secret how interested in pineapples I've been lately...)  It certainly is a ladylike shape and I also adore collars.

Now as far as Moda Operandi goes, the prices of these items are reasonably cheap! The dress is only 315euro and the skirt is only 350euro. So are there any secret money-makers out there that want to surprise me with it? Just letting you know I'm an Italian size 42 ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week I'm trying to bring my energy and motivation up on a Monday and Something Old is supposed to going to help.. It's from one of the greatest composers EVER! Mahler! Mahler 1 remains one of my favourites (out of 9 full symphonies and a 10th unfinished one). I won't say much more, except that it's the 2nd movement I want you to share with you today. This YouTube video is of the London Symphony Orchestra and is a bit slower than the Berlin Phil version I normally listen to. However after looking at other videos and reading some comments there's a bit of argument as to how fast it should really be taken. It's marked Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell, Recht gemächlich which means not to take it too fast and Mahler has described it as a Ländler which is a country-men's dance. So I guess I can live with the heavier feel in this recording, but what do all you musos out there think?

And now for Something New and a band that I have only just discovered and am really excited about: Achoo! Bless You. And they're Australian! So feel patriotic people. I heard their new song Before we Say Goodbye on the radio yesterday and had to YouTube them more. They're releasing an album in November and I'm hoping to make it over to their gig at the Oxford Art Factory on this Wednesday night at 8pm. Because the song I first fell in love with isn't out yet I'll provide you with their last single: The Necessary Space. Today I've checked out their page on bandcamp and am so sad to see that the album is sold out ='( I hope you enjoy this song, it really helps me feel more up-beat.

Also, I love their album artwork:

Oh jeez, and now I'm looking at their bandcamp website properly they do have their new single from their new album out on the site. So here is a link so you can go listen to it and download it for free. And who doesn't love free stuff?!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outfit Misfit - Party edition

This week's Outfit Misfit doesn't involve fancy photography or specially picked locations. It's just a couple of snaps from a couple of parties that I went to, last night and last week. I'm really sorry for the quality, I've been neglecting my Asian side and haven't been taking my camera to parties and getting crazy with it, so some photos are just selfies etc. Please forgive me! It always makes sense to work in chronological order so let's start with last week.

The party was a 21st birthday party for a lovely friend of mine and the theme was Indian and I was, at first, a little apprehensive about showing my belly.. but when you come across a find as good as belly-button stick-on gem things one just has to inflict a winter belly on everyone else. I originally wanted to find a full-on sari (saree?) but I found them to be really expensive, even to hire, and the location of the shop in Sydney was really far away. So I decided to improv it and went to Tree of Life to see what I could find (this is where I found the belly stick-on gems, and I'm sure there's a name for them but I can't remember). I picked up a pretty skirt made from sari material and a bunch of bindi's for my forehead which I also planned to stick elsewhere on my face. I decided to go with a cheap crop top from Supré (don't knock the store too much, it has some pretty good basic shirts/singlets/stuffyouneedfordressupparties) and I topped it all off with a tablecloth-come-headscarf. Oh and let's not forget the jewellery: a big cuff from Diva and some earrings and bangles from a Diva-like store. Overall the whole costume only cost me $45! Winner! And I won a prize for being the best-dressed female =D  So after all that talking my costume up, here are some pics:

And last night was the ball at uni, and the theme was 1920's. I already had everything I needed for this outfit! (Yes, I just had a beaded cape lying around..) Except for the hair feathers. I am like an Alannah Hill advertisement here: the dress (that you've seen before) is Alannah Hill, the beaded cape is Alannah Hill, the stockings are Alannah Hill (they're actually thigh-high stay-ups with a seam up the back), and the hair feathers are Alannah Hill (addict much?). However, the gloves are vintage; found at a vintage festival and the bag is my flatmate's and the shoes are Windsor Smith. I had a lot of fun dressing up for the ball and I would definitely use this outfit again for 1920's theme. I wanted to style my hair into finger waves but it's really difficult! I found lots of helpful YouTube videos but I just didn't have the equipment (special clips) and I ended up just washing my hair and clipping my fringe to the side, which ended up making a light wave anyway.

I love dress-up parties (obviously!) and I hope people throw more of them. I really wish Halloween here was as big a deal as it is in the US. Maybe I'll just get super dressed up anyway and see what happens.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

I must be feeling like I want to be in the Northern Hemisphere right because yesterday I posted an autumn-y piano piece in the Something Old part of  Something Old, Something New and today I'm thinking about moccasins. Something about moccasins shouts "fall!" at me. It must be the warm colours, fringing, and high comfy factor that has me imagining wearing them in a wooden cabin with reddened leaves falling down around outside.

The go-to-site (I believe) for moccasins is: Minnetonka Moccasins. I believe they're an American thing and have been around since 1946.

The white one is the Beaded Kitty Moc and the brown one is the Thunderbird Softsole. I'd love to have a pair and wear them with some cropped pants, or some boyfriend jeans rolled up a bit.. I guess a flannel shirt would be pushing it too much so I'd just wear a cosy knit or something. Now that summer is coming I'm looking back towards what could've been in Autumn! It's so silly.. Anyway, happy Wednesday!

Out and About

You'll hopefully remember from a little while back that I went to Floriade, in Canberra. Well I went to Canberra again (I guess I'm crazy) for the Floriade Night-fest (and also to see a photography exhibition I'd read about in a magazine, but more on that later). The flowers all lit up at night were really amazing so I hope you don't mind me sharing my pictures with you. Sorry if this is a hugely long post, but there were so many pretty photos to choose from! I hope you had a good week! x

Ferris wheel pic No.2
Ferris wheel pic No.1

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Something Old this week comes to you from Scriabin. More piano music! It's one of my favourite pieces and I first heard it played by a friend in uni and was in love from the first few moments. The beginning starts with a dramatic feel, but the lyrical-broken-chord loveliness that happens just after that is so beautiful. If you are in the hemisphere that's currently experiencing Autumn/Fall then this that's what this makes me think of. I have a recording of Ashkenazy playing it (and if you don't know you're amazing Russian pianists: he is the best! And the artistic director of the Sydney Symphony now), but here is Bernd Glemser:

This week's Something New got introduced to me by a friend of mine last week. She mainly wanted to show me the YouTube video and I decided it was well worth sharing it with all of you. The video is extremely interesting and it's the kind of thing you have to watch a few times.. which I love. It's kinda creepy and the vocal timbre really adds to that. It's called Breezeblocks and is from the album An Awesome Wave by alt-J (triangle). Just a note, that (triangle) is actually a triangle shape in parentheses, I just don't know how to do that on my computer keyboard. Enjoy!

And an update on yesterday's dilemma: I went with neither of those two things! I thought hard and ended up getting the pineapple print but not the pants, the shirt. See my hopefully awesome choice by clicking this link.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Which one should I get? Make your vote now before the end of today as one of the trunk shows is finishing. The one on the left is Moschino Cheap & Chic pineapple pants, and the one on the right is MSGM panther print dress. Argh the decisions! I have a 100euro voucher so things don't look quite so expensive.. And to answer a comment on a previous post this rain jacket is extremely cool but a bit too expensive, and my shoes were supposed to come before October 5th. I have now written an email and I will hopefully get a better estimation as to when they arrive.
Anyway, GET VOTING! I really can't decide for myself..

Click to see all specs
Click to see this one's specs too

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Wish-List

This week I missed out on an amazing Marc Jacobs bag on Moda Operandi. They had given me a 100euro voucher to use and I picked what I wanted and then the trunkshow ended.. rookie error. Anyway, looking through the whole Marc Jacobs collection I was really excited by everything in there! It was a fantastic collage of checks and patterns and colours. The shapes were sometimes a bit too interesting for my liking.. Now I can't find the whole collection online so it's doubly distressing =( Anyway, what I wanted was a cross-body bag that was see-through on one side:

Click here to see the full description of it.
And how about this funky dress?

The image here isn't very good.. But I really love the pattern and I find the length intriguing. Go to this here link to see the dress in all it's glory. And cry because the trunkshow has ended..

On the positive side, I can troll the site and use my 100euro voucher towards something else. If you want to go have a look and tell me what you think I should get that would be fun =)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Suddenly it's October! Lazy September went fairly well in the end.. More practice than the usual but still not really the 2 hours a day I should be doing and said I would be doing. I think my blogging has been more consistent (what do you think? OK so I missed Outfit Misfit yesterday but I think I've been doing well). I did exercise more: running about 3 times a week but I didn't start my knitting up again. I have a renewed focus this week after a friend agreed with me when I said that I feel like one of my worst qualities is that I'm lazy. It's one thing calling yourself lazy, but someone agreeing with you never feels good. So I am determined to fulfil my potential in all areas! Prepare for Miss Awesome.

Today's Something Old is piano music. I adore Rachmaninoff and the way his music makes me feel. It's the good kind of heartbreak. So here is one of his piano preludes:

It's the one in D major and here it's played by Richter. I think week to week the play-list selections I make reflect my mood.. I'm not sure what this selection says about my state of mind this week.

Something New is actually an older song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I'm not sure I like a lot of their newer stuff but I quite like their album By The Way which I got when I was about 14! The winning song for me on this album is I Could Die For You. Now I just said that my choices week to week are reflective of my mood and state of mind, but I don't think anyone should be worried about me dying anytime soon..