Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On the To-Do List:

It's time I started writing down what I want on my to-do list for when I finish uni and have loads of time (here's hoping..) so I'd like to start off my list with a project that's going to take quite a lot of effort and time.

Maybe (or maybe not) you remember that I wanted this dress a little while back with the amazing panther print. Well it was so expensive and I'm trying to be really good and save some money so I'm going to have a try at DIY-ing something similar. I figure I can make a simple white dress with fabric that I've printed with a panther pattern. I realise that it won't look nearly as amazing as the dress is because of the detail in the panthers on the original, but I will give it my best shot. I plan to make a stamp with a foam-cut panther stuck on a wooden block and stamp the fabric before cutting and making the dress.
Image from here
And let's take a closer look:

Image from the very same spot

My first goal will be to reproduce the panther shape and then through experimentation maybe I can get some more detail by hand-painting some things on after the general panther shape has been stamped.

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess made this pony dress using her stamp method:

You should go to her blog and check out how she did it. And I'll also give a link to where she explains about making stamps.

I know I'm being pretty ambitious here but what's life without a challenge? I aim to give this project a try in December sometime. In the meantime maybe I should practice with little stamps and small projects like cushion covers..

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