Friday, October 26, 2012

Out and About - Arty Happenings

I've been getting out and about to a lot of quite arty things lately (although I missed all of Art and About Sydney and that breaks my heart a little bit). I went to something called Art for Art's Sake which was an art show at Fox Studios. It was nice to walk around and look at a lot of new Australian art and some of it was really quite good! I'm not really an art expert so I can't say much about the pieces.. The artists that really caught my eye were: John Hablitschek Gems for his amazing gum-nut necklace, Sarah Ryan, Emma Rooke, Janet Ayliffe, Margaret Hadfield for some amazingly pictures of Australian trees and landscape (and she has a gallery in the ACT, check out the link here, and go if you're in the neighbourhood!), Gabby Malpas, Melissa Read-Divine, Sandi Rigby (see some of her work at this gallery), Neil Hicks, Georgie Gall, Kim Kennedy and there was an amazing Gusu Silk Art stall (although it worries me that the artists are in China and all their things are here and their name isn't mentioned on the card..). I can't remember exactly which artist, although I'm 90% sure that it was Kim Kennedy, but there was a really cool sculpture of a redheads matchbox. It was a wooden trunk/box that had been painted and was very cool. I encourage you to go ahead and click the links of the artists' names to see some of their work. Now that I'm looking at some of their websites a couple of my particular favourites are Janet Ayliffe, Margaret Hadfield and Melissa Read-Divine. The latter two both producers of very Australian paintings (I'm so patriotic!).

A picture of all the business cards I picked up of the artists I liked (that's how I was able to remember them all weeks later in writing this post!)

As well as that fun trip (no I did not buy any art..) I went on a trip to Canberra and visited the National Gallery of Australia. It was really amazing! It totally blew my mind with all the stuff they had there. I really enjoyed seeing a bunch of Australian art like Arthur Boyd; whose paintings are very interesting.
There were also great fashion displays in glass boxes of old Vivienne Westwood and Emporio Armani outfits. Lots of interesting photography and the exhibition that I had gone to see was one I read about in a magazine and it was by Carol Jerrems. She died at a sadly young age (1949-1980) and it was amazing to look at photography assignments from her student days. There were some really beautiful and also really confronting photos.

Unfortunately I hadn't realised that the new portrait of the Queen was being unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery just across the road =( Maybe on my next trip there I'll see it. I didn't go because I much prefer landscape sort of paintings and figured the Portrait Gallery wouldn't be so interesting. And the National Gallery's shop just sucked me in.. It had a lovely range of things and among my favourites were: milk bottles (I bought 2 different sizes and have been using them as vases, I'll put up a post about them sometimes), a beautiful watering can (but it was $160 or so! eek), a vintage-style rolling pin (you know the ones that have ball-bearings inside?), and all the beautiful diaries and journals and books. They also had a very flamingo-themed little section going on with some gorgeously gaudy pillows and umbrellas. So if anyone is wondering what I'd like for Christmas (hehe ;) I would love you forever if you gave me a rolling pin with ball-bearings.

I'm really disappointed about not getting to Art and About Sydney while it was on ='( There was an installation which resembled a living room except that it was raining inside. I would really have loved to see it. I have to get myself more organised so I end up seeing everything I want to see! The plans for this weekend involve hopefully getting to Sculpture by the Sea (Bondi). I'll let you know what it's like! I hope your week went well and you've got a fun and creative weekend coming up =)

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