Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outfit Misfit - Party edition

This week's Outfit Misfit doesn't involve fancy photography or specially picked locations. It's just a couple of snaps from a couple of parties that I went to, last night and last week. I'm really sorry for the quality, I've been neglecting my Asian side and haven't been taking my camera to parties and getting crazy with it, so some photos are just selfies etc. Please forgive me! It always makes sense to work in chronological order so let's start with last week.

The party was a 21st birthday party for a lovely friend of mine and the theme was Indian and I was, at first, a little apprehensive about showing my belly.. but when you come across a find as good as belly-button stick-on gem things one just has to inflict a winter belly on everyone else. I originally wanted to find a full-on sari (saree?) but I found them to be really expensive, even to hire, and the location of the shop in Sydney was really far away. So I decided to improv it and went to Tree of Life to see what I could find (this is where I found the belly stick-on gems, and I'm sure there's a name for them but I can't remember). I picked up a pretty skirt made from sari material and a bunch of bindi's for my forehead which I also planned to stick elsewhere on my face. I decided to go with a cheap crop top from Supré (don't knock the store too much, it has some pretty good basic shirts/singlets/stuffyouneedfordressupparties) and I topped it all off with a tablecloth-come-headscarf. Oh and let's not forget the jewellery: a big cuff from Diva and some earrings and bangles from a Diva-like store. Overall the whole costume only cost me $45! Winner! And I won a prize for being the best-dressed female =D  So after all that talking my costume up, here are some pics:

And last night was the ball at uni, and the theme was 1920's. I already had everything I needed for this outfit! (Yes, I just had a beaded cape lying around..) Except for the hair feathers. I am like an Alannah Hill advertisement here: the dress (that you've seen before) is Alannah Hill, the beaded cape is Alannah Hill, the stockings are Alannah Hill (they're actually thigh-high stay-ups with a seam up the back), and the hair feathers are Alannah Hill (addict much?). However, the gloves are vintage; found at a vintage festival and the bag is my flatmate's and the shoes are Windsor Smith. I had a lot of fun dressing up for the ball and I would definitely use this outfit again for 1920's theme. I wanted to style my hair into finger waves but it's really difficult! I found lots of helpful YouTube videos but I just didn't have the equipment (special clips) and I ended up just washing my hair and clipping my fringe to the side, which ended up making a light wave anyway.

I love dress-up parties (obviously!) and I hope people throw more of them. I really wish Halloween here was as big a deal as it is in the US. Maybe I'll just get super dressed up anyway and see what happens.

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