Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outfit Misfit

This week's Outfit Misfit is a a rainy day edition. Believe or not, even though the weather here has been crazily beautiful, there were a couple of days a little while back of total misery and rain. It even snowed in the Blue Mountains (only a couple of hours north of Sydney)! But I didn't let the weather get me down, in fact I seized it as an opportunity to wear my new little rain boots I'd ordered on the internet and bring out my favourite vintage umbrella (that makes it sound like I have a lot of vintage umbrellas and this one is my favourite.. but that's not the case, I mean it's my favourite umbrella and it just happens to be vintage [in fact I only have one umbrella too..]). Thanks to my friend Bernadette for taking the photos for me in the beautiful Botanic Gardens of Sydney. The rain managed to stop just as we were going to take the shoot which was both good and bad, good for photo quality I guess but bad because I actually wanted an authentic rainy day edition. As the weather fines up you'll be seeing lots of photos in the flowering Gardens.

I bought these little pink gumboots, on a whim, off an internet site (I can't really remember it now because I think it was all a bit overwhelming..) and they were super cheap. I'm talking $10! They have a tartan-y fake-burberry pattern inside and a pink bow on the front. They look and sound very plastic-y which is perfect for the rainy weather. When I got home from Germany and they were waiting for me I was a little worried and didn't know how I felt about wearing them in public; they look a little overly girly and not in an Alannah Hill way, but in a 5 year old way. But when it's raining I don't really care if I look like a 5 year old as long as my feet are dry =)

Who says you can't wear pink and red at the same time? Certainly not me. Back in the day when I had pink hair I didn't hold back from wearing pink at all. So I'm also wearing my "little red riding hood" jacket as many people call it. It's Alannah Hill and I love how Alannah Hill has such great names on the tags for her clothing (I have a trench coat that's called "she flies first class trench"); it's just such a pity I can't remember the name now! I should save tags or at least commit them to memory. It was my favourite jacket while I was in Germany because it's SO HUGE. I can wear a a couple of thicker jumpers underneath it and the hood is amazing. It's a bigger hood that comes over the head more and is perfect for blocking out the wind. No other hoods can compare.

Just lazing around.

The close-up shot of the shoes and umbrella. As mentioned before, the shoes were really cheap so I try not to complain too much.. but I wish the little bows would sit straight and face the front! But let's talk about the umbrella. Isn't it an amazing colour?! So happy and yellow. I also love the wooden handle and chain. It bought it from a vintage festival and it was quite expensive but the good thing about that is that I am much less likely to lose it. You can see a tiny glimpse of the lining of my jacket too in the above photo.. it's really cool lining and I will definitely take another photo some time of just that.

Cheesy twirling of my umbrella.
Jacket - Alannah Hill
Blouse - Alannah Hill
Fluffy jumper - Alannah Hill (so warm!)
Jeans - J Brand
Rain boots - unknown website..
Umbrella - vintage

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