Monday, October 1, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Suddenly it's October! Lazy September went fairly well in the end.. More practice than the usual but still not really the 2 hours a day I should be doing and said I would be doing. I think my blogging has been more consistent (what do you think? OK so I missed Outfit Misfit yesterday but I think I've been doing well). I did exercise more: running about 3 times a week but I didn't start my knitting up again. I have a renewed focus this week after a friend agreed with me when I said that I feel like one of my worst qualities is that I'm lazy. It's one thing calling yourself lazy, but someone agreeing with you never feels good. So I am determined to fulfil my potential in all areas! Prepare for Miss Awesome.

Today's Something Old is piano music. I adore Rachmaninoff and the way his music makes me feel. It's the good kind of heartbreak. So here is one of his piano preludes:

It's the one in D major and here it's played by Richter. I think week to week the play-list selections I make reflect my mood.. I'm not sure what this selection says about my state of mind this week.

Something New is actually an older song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I'm not sure I like a lot of their newer stuff but I quite like their album By The Way which I got when I was about 14! The winning song for me on this album is I Could Die For You. Now I just said that my choices week to week are reflective of my mood and state of mind, but I don't think anyone should be worried about me dying anytime soon..

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