Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week I'm trying to bring my energy and motivation up on a Monday and Something Old is supposed to going to help.. It's from one of the greatest composers EVER! Mahler! Mahler 1 remains one of my favourites (out of 9 full symphonies and a 10th unfinished one). I won't say much more, except that it's the 2nd movement I want you to share with you today. This YouTube video is of the London Symphony Orchestra and is a bit slower than the Berlin Phil version I normally listen to. However after looking at other videos and reading some comments there's a bit of argument as to how fast it should really be taken. It's marked Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell, Recht gemächlich which means not to take it too fast and Mahler has described it as a Ländler which is a country-men's dance. So I guess I can live with the heavier feel in this recording, but what do all you musos out there think?

And now for Something New and a band that I have only just discovered and am really excited about: Achoo! Bless You. And they're Australian! So feel patriotic people. I heard their new song Before we Say Goodbye on the radio yesterday and had to YouTube them more. They're releasing an album in November and I'm hoping to make it over to their gig at the Oxford Art Factory on this Wednesday night at 8pm. Because the song I first fell in love with isn't out yet I'll provide you with their last single: The Necessary Space. Today I've checked out their page on bandcamp and am so sad to see that the album is sold out ='( I hope you enjoy this song, it really helps me feel more up-beat.

Also, I love their album artwork:

Oh jeez, and now I'm looking at their bandcamp website properly they do have their new single from their new album out on the site. So here is a link so you can go listen to it and download it for free. And who doesn't love free stuff?!

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