Monday, October 22, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week's Something New is another little number I discovered through the radio. I love Australia and supporting Australian artists and you may remember last week's band/duo was from Sydney (and more on a gig I went to see them at later), well these guys: Traveller and Fortune, are from Adelaide. This song is the only one I've heard as yet, but I'm going to go onto their bandcamp page and listen to the rest of the album and see how it goes. This song is so upbeat and happy I can't imagine anyone not liking it!

This week's Something Old is on the program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music's Symphony Orchestra concert this coming weekend (here is a link to take you right there if you're keen). It's Brahms' second symphony and it's so hard to choose a favourite Brahms symphony (there are 4) and sometimes I might say that this is mine. The second movement of this one is definitely my favourite (although the one from the fourth is also amazing..). So here it is: the second movement to Brahms' second symphony. I am in love with cello, it's no secret, and the opening of this makes me swoon.

Happy Monday people!

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