Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Something Old this week comes to you from Scriabin. More piano music! It's one of my favourite pieces and I first heard it played by a friend in uni and was in love from the first few moments. The beginning starts with a dramatic feel, but the lyrical-broken-chord loveliness that happens just after that is so beautiful. If you are in the hemisphere that's currently experiencing Autumn/Fall then this that's what this makes me think of. I have a recording of Ashkenazy playing it (and if you don't know you're amazing Russian pianists: he is the best! And the artistic director of the Sydney Symphony now), but here is Bernd Glemser:

This week's Something New got introduced to me by a friend of mine last week. She mainly wanted to show me the YouTube video and I decided it was well worth sharing it with all of you. The video is extremely interesting and it's the kind of thing you have to watch a few times.. which I love. It's kinda creepy and the vocal timbre really adds to that. It's called Breezeblocks and is from the album An Awesome Wave by alt-J (triangle). Just a note, that (triangle) is actually a triangle shape in parentheses, I just don't know how to do that on my computer keyboard. Enjoy!

And an update on yesterday's dilemma: I went with neither of those two things! I thought hard and ended up getting the pineapple print but not the pants, the shirt. See my hopefully awesome choice by clicking this link.

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