Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trend Tracker Tuesday

This may not be a regular segment... I just like alliteration =P

Trends are something I don't find my self consciously following but it's almost impossible not to with the world we live in today. But I do understand that by going on the various shopping websites the things that they choose to stock are often part of a trend and therefore I am partaking in a bandwagon hopping-upon action. In any case I thought I'd look at a trend that I think I might try this coming summer: all white. It has been in a lot of the SS 2013 fashion shows and I particularly like the look where the cut is incredibly simple and sharp.

The first example we have here is from Christopher Kane and I'd like to focus on the jacket in particular. I'm loving the cut of it, and I've included a better photo of just the jacket. Pretty sharp hm?

Both images from here

Next up we have a really cute retro all-white look from Louis Vuitton.  I love a little Twiggy look and the dress on the right (and possibly the model) remind me so much of that. I am such a big fan of wearing really short dresses with longer sleeves too.. balances out the leg-revealing-ness (I'm just making up words all over the place today!). Now what do you think, is the one on the left a jumpsuit? I think I can see a shorts split there.. if so, super cool! And you all know how much I love a jumpsuit.

Image from here.

And because three is the magic number, here is the last example: Dion Lee (Australian designer!). I think that's even Montana Cox modelling for him here; she's the latest winner of Australia's Next Top Model. A bit of a kimono-type jacket, and when Haider Ackermann was doing lots of kimono drapey stuff a while back (maybe he still is..) I was definitely not a fan. But we're not going to go into that right here, because this kimono style jacket is still very form fitting and maybe looking back at the Christopher Kane one I have a thing for a jacket which shows a bit of skin..

Image from here
In fact I think the whole white look would look quite pretty in a lacey dress format, even though I said I like it sharp and simple. What do you think? I am banned from shopping at the moment, in an effort to save money, so I'm not going to buy anything but perhaps I'll go window shopping sometime and put a post of what things I'd like to wear that are a bit more accessible (i.e. not right off the runway and costing gazillions of dollars).

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