Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

This week for the wish-list I was thinking about doing a swimwear segment, seeing as the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Sydney lately and summer is close I almost feel like I can touch it. I tried on a really cool swimsuit in the pattern of this funky fruity top and really loved it except that the only sizes in store were 6's. And I am definitely not a 6 and will not inflict that kind of atrocity on the world.. I then tried to find a picture of it on the internet so that I could show you all but either I'm technologically blind, or it doesn't really exist. Well, I found it in the Gorman outlet store so that may be the reason why it's not on their website anymore.

So seeing as that plan fell through I decided to troll the Moda Operandi website, as I've been known to do.. And I found one of the most exciting trunkshows yet! It's Stella Jean, a designer I had not yet heard about and her S/S 2013 collection is full of great prints (and you all know how much I love an interesting print. How cute is this picture on the M'O website? It was on their slide display on their home page and immediately caught my attention. The featured skirt is definitely one of my favourite things in the collection, and in that look it's paired with a parrot print blouse =)

My other favourite thing in the collection is the sheath dress with contrast collar. Is it perhaps that the print reminds me of pineapples? (and it hasn't been a secret how interested in pineapples I've been lately...)  It certainly is a ladylike shape and I also adore collars.

Now as far as Moda Operandi goes, the prices of these items are reasonably cheap! The dress is only 315euro and the skirt is only 350euro. So are there any secret money-makers out there that want to surprise me with it? Just letting you know I'm an Italian size 42 ;)

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