Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

It's no secret that I love wearing boys clothing. Admittedly I only do it at home.. there's nothing quite like cuddling up in a big sweater, or feeling gangster in a huge hoodie and let's not even start on wearing their t-shirts to bed. But maybe I can wear these things out in public, if only I could find a piece that I think would be worthy of it. Well today I have! Check this baby out:

Click here to go see it at all it's different angles
What's not to love? Horses that are flying! This awesome sweater is by MSGM and is in the men's collection only (click the picture's caption to see it). Now if there are any boys out there reading, would you wear that? I can't really imagine many people I know being brave enough to do it.. So why not just buy it and give it to me? I'll wear it for you =)

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