Friday, November 2, 2012


Finally! A DIY project that I have actually finished! Twice! OK, enough exclaiming already..

You might remember (but if you don't just click me!) that I went to a Bollywood themed birthday party. It was really fun and the birthday girl is a really lovely person and I wanted to make her something really special. I had recently seen some cool iPhone embroidery kits (for 4 or 4S models) in the new (well it was newly discovered for me) needlecraft shop in the city. So I bought a couple! But instead of using the planned charts they included I decided to personalise it a bit more. And here is what I made:

The above is the one I made for my lovely friend Sophie, and the below is one I made for fun for myself. I made up both patterns! I was going to provide a chart of the pattern but there really wasn't a chart that I worked off.. because I made them up. But I can offer a cover of your choice (obviously if you choose the bee-utiful one it can have a different name) FOR FREE to the first person who contacts me through email at "". It will take a little while to make and then I can post it to you. It can be my Christmas gift to you! So do you have an iPhone 4/4S and want a cutesy cover for it? Or perhaps you have a friend and want to gift it on to them because you have a Samsun? Either way I think you should email NOW =)

I was inspired by Subversive Cross Stitch. I like the idea of saying something quite rude and off-setting it with some pretty embroidery.

Wow, my first ever giveaway. I'm thinking about selling these babies on Etsy or something one day.

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