Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have two built-in wardrobes either side of my door and there's a lovely space in-between them that I thought I would do something creative with. Cue: rummage through all my old greeting cards and make some bunting.

Some people might call it hoarding, I like to call it sentimentality and I'm grateful for doing it: I have kept every single card ever given me. Birthday, Christmas, things made by my students etc etc. It's always nice to look through and have a little giggle sometimes, or even *aw* a bit at the sweetness of the people who have been in my life over the years. Every year at Christmas my mum would hang all the cards we got on a piece of string across the top of the curtains in our house (I don't think she really does it anymore..) and I thought I would do a similar thing but in order to fit more cards onto a limited length of string I pegged them on.

You'll need:
  • String (available at any craft or hardware store)
  • Cards 
  • Pegs (I like the look of wooden pegs; I don't remember where I got mine from but I don't think they're hard to find)
  • Hooks (I used Command hooks from the supermarket)
  • possibly a Ladder for reaching the high places where you might want to hang your bunting.
The process is pretty self-explanatory:
  1. Put your hooks on the wall.
  2. Measure the length of string out and have a bit extra so you can tie knots and so that there'll be a little dip in the bunting (or if you want a straight line of bunting go for it!)
  3. Lay string out on a flat surface and attach your cards. It's easier to get the spacing even if you do it this way rather than doing it once your string is tied to the hooks.
  4. Tie knots at each end of the string so that there's a loop that can go over the hook.
  5. Hang it!

The space in which I was hanging was quite deep so I was able to do two rows of bunting. It's a nice everyday reminder to appreciate people. Now here are some pics of my very favourite cards:

The above is a card from all the people on my dorm floor when I was living in Freiburg when my grandfather passed away. The below is an incredibly old birthday card from my best friend. It was my 7th birthday apparently and I always giggle at the spelling mistakes.

The above is a sweet card from my brother which is probably the biggest gesture of 'love' (I say that in ' ' because it's sibling love) that he's ever made. Below is a card from a couple of lovely friends in Brisbane for shaving my head and raising a lot of money for the Cancer Council (btw it's the third movement from Borodin's second string quartet if you're curious about the music) and it made me cry when I received it, maybe just because I'm weepy but probably because it was nice to feel like I'd made a difference.

And I think I'll close with this super cute 'card' (pretty much just a drawing on a sheet of paper) from a year 1 student. Perhaps I don't pronounce my name correctly, judging by how she has phonetically spelt it.. I had red hair at the time which is shown beautifully in the picture of me and she definitely picked up on my love of flowers and saying hello to them.

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  1. Ohhh that's so sweet! I now wish we had been more creative with the spelling of your name. Hope you to see you again soon(oodles)!