Saturday, November 10, 2012

On the To-Do List

Another project for my ever-growing to-do list: mirror clothing. Sounds weird I know, but could be cool and not just in the disco-ball kind of way. The inspiration comes from miu miu.

This image comes from here, where you can actually buy the dress, except that it costs 1550pounds...
This image comes from this amazing blog by Lee Oliviera. He snaps a lot of pictures on the street (probably at fashion shows seeing as some of the stuff is pretty out there..) but doesn't provide a lot of information on where the clothes are from. I'm assuming the skirt is miu miu as well.
I first looked at it and thought "easy peasy! Get some mirrors and throw them on that thing" but now I think about it, it might prove to be easier said than done.. Like: how do you sew mirrors onto fabric? Where do you get little mirrors from? Where do you get little sew-able mirrors from? Hmm.. all things to be investigated. And the mirrors aren't just circular pieces of mirrored glass in these pieces, they've got a bit more detail around the edging. I'm thinking my first port of call will be the art store.

I love the look and cut of the dress in the first pic but in terms of ease the skirt is definitely the winner. I could make a simple black mini quite easily, or I could take an even bigger shortcut and just buy a nondescript one. And while we're talking about the second picture, the miniskirt one, wowza at that lady's body! I haven't mentioned before that I've been thinking a lot about the whole midriff trend (I might do a Trend Tracker Tuesday post on it sometime) and whether I'm game to try it. I think I'd need to do a lot of work before I'd feel comfortable with it..

And now that I've been researching these mirrored pieces and where they came from it was fun to watch the miu miu A/W 2012 womenswear show online. Lots of matchy-matchy suiting; very "woman wears the pants" sort of thing (remember how I was talking about Prada doing it in the A/W 2013 line?). And howsabout that crazy makeup.. I love technology and that I can be sitting here watching this fashion show in my pyjamas.

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