Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outfit Misfit

OMG MY SHOES CAME!!! A lot of you know that I browse Moda Operandi quite often.. and that sometimes I buy things. Well I bought a pair of shoes while I was in Germany and their expected arrival date was July 15 - October 22 so I was extremely excited when I finally received them a couple of weeks ago! They are a little bit too big but I've solved that problem with clever use of insoles and have started wearing them in a little bit. Here are the pics; I hope you are as besotted with them as I am. =)

This is a picture I instagrammed the day I opened the box. Lovely shoe bags from both Del Toro and Moda Operandi.
Normal me

Crazy me
And in case you're interested I'm also wearing J-Brand jeans and top by Zara.

And a closer shot of the shoes.

I love the print so so so much! There's not much else I can say.. Here's the Del Toro website so you can go browse similarly cool (but not as cool) slippers like mine =D

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