Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outfit Misfit

Last week (14th of November actually) I had my final recital at the Conservatorium of Music for my degree! It's amazing to think that I might finally be finished... (it's been a battle over 6 years). And of course as much as it matters what one plays, it matters what one wears. So I bought this special dress a while ago and was looking forward to wearing it. It's Alannah Hill (and I don't mean to bombard you and make it seem like I have an addiction..) and I absolutely adore it. It scratches something off my wish list which is: a maxi dress, and it makes me want to go strolling in a garden with a parasol to go drink tea.

First up are a couple of photos from my actual recital! For interested people I played: the first movement of Der Schwanendreher by Hindemith, the first solo suite for viola by Reger, and the Brahms Eflat clarinet viola sonata.

I have to thank various people for photographs. And for coming along at all!
Sorry about the quality here; this one is off my mum's phone.
Family photo! (minus my siblings.. isn't that the best way?). All cheesy grins.
 And of course I thought I'd take some better other photos so that the dress can be seen a bit more clearly. Thanks to my friend Berny for taking these ones! We chose a beautiful house in Neutral Bay to stand creepily in front of and take pictures of each other.

So I thought I'd pretend I lived in the house and was coming out.. 

Look at the socks!!! Yes, they are also Alannah Hill.

Because I don't mind looking silly sometimes! Let's just refrain from zooming in though..

And the dress in motion

And back the other way..

And the close-up so you can see the pattern. There are actually little sequins in places defining the flowers. (Perhaps I should've tried to get the crinkles out..)
 So probably not a dress I'm going to get to wear very often; unless I decide to be ultra-dressed up for a regular day of whatever-it-is-that-graduated-violists-do. And who knows, I may just need to stroll through the Sydney Botanic Gardens with a parasol to meet my friends for tea.

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