Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

Ok ok.. so I know I haven't blogged for 5 days now. But I've been feeling a bit down as well as stressed and all those yucky feelings that go with that. Nobody wanted my giveaway from last Friday and that made me kind of sad. I know people read my blog (because I can see the page views!) but sometimes it still feels like I'm writing stuff that nobody really cares about, and that maybe it's just my friends reading and feeling sorry for me and obliged to read it. And sure the content isn't world-changing stuff, but it is still my baby and is important to me. However, I can't expect people to like my blog and feel like commenting and participating in giveaways and such if I don't keep blogging! So I've pulled myself out of my funk and will soldier on. The other thing that's been stressing me out is my final recital for uni.. it's a 50 minute recital and I am starting to get really nervous already. On top of all that I sustained a shoulder injury (from sanding my door: a DIY project in the making that went wrong and will hopefully go right again in a few weeks.. more to come on this later) which meant I couldn't play for a few days so now I have to practice extra hard so time is getting spread kind of thin. Enough with the complaining already and on to actual blogging! =)

It's Wednesday! Wednesday Wish-list! Here is something I've been coo-ing over for a while, and it's not fashion related but is definitely very fashionable. Done trying to work out what it is? A bike! My mum recently commandeered my bike (even though she can't actually ride a bike; she just uses it on a trainer apparatus thing which means it's like using a bike machine in the gym.. *here is where I wish I had an emoticon for a face rolling eyes) and I'm now bike-less. Sad times. Especially seeing as I live close enough to the ferry that I could catch it every day to uni if I wanted. Only hiccup is that I am a late riser/bed lover so I end up rolling out of bed late and then running to get a bus. The ferries only come twice in the hour and so if I miss one I am seriously late... but if I had a bike then I could whiz down to the wharf in a matter of minutes and I'd make it! That's the genius plan anyway. So here is the particular bike I want from this awesome company called Jellybean Bikes:

You can deck out your bike with all kinds of cool colours! So the above is what I want. I would also add a wicker basket to the front and streamers out the handle bars. It's going to cost me $500 so maybe if I get a Christmas casual job I'll treat myself. You should go to the website and play around with the bike colours too! It kept me entertained for a good 5 minutes or so =)


  1. I saw a bike the other day and it was mint green, really pretty! I wish Sydney was more bike friendly but oh well :(

    1. Cooool! Yeah it would be great. I know someone who walks from Neutral Bay to the city for work so maybe I could ride my bike in...

  2. Ooooh I hope you do get a really awesome bike! Good luck for your recital, I wish I could be there! xx