Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

It's all about legs this week for me. Also, the weather in Sydney has been pretty rubbish since Monday so I just can't feel excited about summer things! So I bring you a pair of socks, and a pair of jeans; not to be worn together (or maybe you could, but the socks wouldn't be seen in all their glory..). Anyway, on with it:

 So above we have the socks, and below we have the jeans. The socks are "original, ethical and Australian made" and are named Soxygen (btw click that name for the link and that's where the images are from); only $19! I think that's good for Aussie made, cotton, beautiful socks. I want me a pair.

Now the jeans, I saw these a while ago actually and although I loved them and might have been able to afford to buy them at the time, they were a bit over $200, and I don't think I was willing to go there.. But now they're $99!! aaaaaaaaaand I can't afford them.. So still looking. These are the Swedish Skinny Jeans from the collection named "Nordic but Nice" on this Chip Chop website. Awesome pattern hey? I love prints!! (stay tuned for this Sunday's Outfit Misfit, is a print-clasher like nothing else..). I haven't explored the rest of the website, but I do think that the Nordic but Nice collection is mostly nice and you should know how I love capes..

Sorry if I'm a bit incomprehensible today.. I've been sniffing paint for a few hours. And not in the dodgy way, in the I'ma-painta-door way. Hopefully it's all good for a DIY post late next week!

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