Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012

So it's the end of the year again, we survived the apocalypse(/s?)! It might be cliché to do a "Best of" post but I'ma gonna do it anyway =)

This year has quite possibly been the hardest year of my life.. Big claim, I know, but trying to stretch my memory back to other years I haven't been able to pick a worse one. I started out this year with big dreams, hopes and expectations and now I'm on the other side of it a find a lot of my dreams have changed, hopes have been distinguished and expectations disappointed. Most All of the soul-crushing-ness happened in the first 6 months and it has taken me the rest of the year to start to feel a little more like myself again. I'd like to think I'm a better person for it but rather than dwell I think I'll just pick the best things that happened this year and look on the bright side =)

Firstly I made some lovely new friends, and rekindled some old friendships too.

Watching a Fußball match between Germany and Italy.
In Freiburg, living in a dorm, I met one of the coolest people ever: Jenn! She's kind and thoughtful, quirky and interesting, and it was a relief for me to find a friend I could be my full whacky self around. We made späetzle, ate giant pretzels at a medieval festival, went hiking in the Black Forest, cried over peanut kit-kats (ok that was just Jenn) and had all kinds of awesome adventures. Without her I don't think I would've made it. Unfortunately she lives in Florida.. But now I have a pen pal (there's a note about this in the coming post about my New Year's resolutions..) and someone I can hopefully go spend Halloween with one day.
Of course I made lots of other lovely friends in Freiburg:

Left to right: Adele, Caro, Asya, Johanna, Linda and Jenn
And with other Johanna instead of Adele.

And then I came back to Australia and I met some other new friends:
Michael (and my place of work for 2013!)
Ming and me (and RJ photo-bombing)

I started a new job when I got back to Sydney and immediately I felt welcomed into the Neutral Bay Diner family. Even though I have had to stop working there now (because it's closed over January and I'll start music work in February) I know that I will still be friends with the people I met there, especially Ming.

I feel really grateful for being able to have friends of all ages =)

I had some viola win moments this year and I think it was all because of the beating I took from a really amazing teacher in Freiburg. For the first time in my life I was practising consistently and a lot; I'm talking 4 or 5 hours here. So even though I returned to my lazy self when I got back to Sydney I managed to be successful in my audition for the Fellowship with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (going to be doing some work at the Opera House next year!!); I'm really looking forward to building my chamber music skills and getting involved with an orchestra on a professional level. I also (finally) managed to finish my Bachelor degree, it sure has been a saga and a half. It began with my mum telling me I shouldn't do a performance degree because I'd never get a job so I went into the education degree. I quickly realised that I didn't want to teach classroom music and although I would be happy teaching on a one-to-one basis I didn't think that was what I wanted in life. Ever since I started the violin there was one thing I wanted to "be when I grew up" and that was a performer. After high school that changed but I knew I still wanted to be part of it. Somehow the stars aligned and I started the viola and here I am now, foot in the door. I've made a huge step forwards in my performance anxiety this year, indicated by my feelings after my final recital (maybe one day I'll upload the recording of it..). I feel like I may actually be "on track" (whatever that means..)

Something else great about this year was all the travel I was able to do. I feel like I made the most of my time in Germany! I started off in Singapore with one of my Aunties celebrating Chinese New Year and eating amazing food in general. Then I stayed in Berlin for a month and although it was so cold I cried I had a great time discovering the history of the city. Then I started on a big trip; I reasoned that seeing as I was close-by in Germany I may as well make use of my proximity to the rest of Europe and go on an adventure. I went to Sweden - Kiruna, and went sledding, Norway - my favourite place (see more pictures here), Denmark - which wasn't my most favourite place but I did see wild deer, Scotland - oh hey Nessie!, Ireland for the Giant's Causeway and St Patrick's Day (boy the ferry to Wales the next day was rough..), England - it was super cool to see Stonehenge, Paris - where I went to at twilight concert at the Saint Chapelle (the music was awful but it was mostly to see the stained glass at that time of the day), Salzburg - Sound of Music bike tour, and then finally I settled in Freiburg: my home for the next four months.

 So 2012 wasn't such a bad year after all.

Friday, December 28, 2012


And speaking of Chanel yesterday I am really not a fan of the latest Chanel No.5 ads with Brad Pitt. What woman is still obsessed with him!? I just don't get it and I find him seriously unattractive in this ad campaign. I drive past it all the time in bus stop ad windows and I find myself not wanting to find out more about it.

Image from here
What do you think? Are you still/newly in love with Brad Pitt?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

I was looking through the latest Vogue Australia and always appreciate how little ads we have as compared to American Vogue. That doesn't mean I dislike ads, in fact I quite like the big spreads for the big fashion brands and so that is how Chanel is featured in this week's wish-list. Chanel has to be on every girl's wish-list! Such an iconic brand with an innovative-but-still-classic feel. It seems like Karl can hardly put a foot wrong these days (which makes you think, does everybody continue to be obsessed with Chanel because of the huge reputation Coco and Karl have built? I bet he could do something totally crap and everybody would still love it). Having said that, the latest Cruise collection, 2013, is not my cup of tea. Some of it intrigues me with the very baroque embellishment and Marie-Antoinette-esque shapes, colours and styles, but most of it would not be on my most wanted list. There is one look in particular, modelled by Cara Delevingne in the latest campaign, that had me swooning though and it's the 68th look in the runway show.

Image from here
Oh boy do I hate those shoes.. Otherwise the styling (again Marie-Antoinette-esque) is excellent! Love the bird cage and the hair looks great (don't worry, I won't be trying that style any time soon ever). *Sigh* the dress! It looks almost like it's a dress with a little jacket. Click here to go to the look in the runway show as you can zoom in and see it straight on a bit more easily. I think I could dream up something like it: plain frock pattern with some tulle underneath and cut out and sew on bits of velvet maybe for the red part? Then just make a little jacket to go with it. (So many things I want to make and not enough time for them all!)

Go to the Chanel website and watch the fashion show! Or if your internet isn't fast enough just look go to the ready to wear tab and click Cruise 2012/13 (or click this link).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hey Jesus, It's Your Birthday

It's Christmas Day! I don't mind what you believe in but I believe in family and food on Christmas Day. I'm currently in Quirindi where my Dad's family is from (seeing as it's not really feasible to spend Christmas with Mum's family: that being 15 siblings spread all over the world) and every year we have a few traditions.

Christmas Eve we cut down a tree from somewhere.. I'm never actually sure where we get it from, usually just a hillside somewhere not too far away. Some people think it's a bit sad to have a Christmas tree just for Christmas Eve/Day, but it's nice to have all the family decorate it. We have an assortment of decorations and ornaments and most of them are home-made and/or half a century old. I've decided that next year I will make some new ornaments as the headless bird and legless soldier have probably lived out their lives now.

Aunty, cousins and my brother decorating the tree.

Before Christmas morning and after.
Christmas Day always starts with Lamb's Fry. Lamb's Fry is something that my Grandmother has been making for years and I actually find kinda gross (perhaps that's just the almost vegetarian part of me) however it smells crazy tasty when she's cooking it. Here it's made with lots of gravy and we the family eats it on toast. My 14 year old cousin has recently been diagnosed as a coeliac and on top of that he's allergic to soy products and nuts so it's extremely difficult to cook things for him. Lamb's Fry is a favourite dish and so my Grandmother has tried to adapt it and make it free of wheat but without coating the liver in normal flour apparently it's "never been the same". Anyway I don't really eat it unless I'm feeling super adventurous and have a bit of the gravy on toast.

Of course there are presents under the tree, but let's skip to what Christmas is really all about: food! There are 14 in our family present today and we had two turkeys and two racks of pork (OK, you got me: I don't really know my cuts of meat so that's probably not correct). Normally I don't mind being pretty vego on Christmas Day because the turkey is *always* dry. Never have I ever had a good turkey on Christmas Day. But today, as soon as the birds were off the spit, they looked delectable: the skin was dark and crunchy looking and I only hoped the flesh was juicy. And ohemgee it was the best turkey I had ever had. No exaggeration! I had a mammoth-sized plate of food but that didn't mean that I couldn't fit Christmas pudding in. Christmas pudding in the Greentree household is a "Sago Plum Pudding" and is not the traditional one most people know; but there is nothing better. My Aunties have to make at least 2 puddings every year because we all have two servings and it has been the source of some silly family grudges over the years. My Dad takes pudding so seriously that he has never quite forgiven my Aunty for forgetting to give him some one year (a few years ago!) and now she is never allowed to dish the pudding out.

Turkeys fresh off the spit (note: isn't it weird that the plural of "turkey" is "turkeys" instead of "turkies"? maybe it's just me being a little crazy)
So meat lovers: what cut of pork is this?!

My mammoth-sized plate, as mentioned above.
Every time it gets to this time of the year I get inspired by the home-making abilities of my Aunts and dream up new knitting/sewing/embroidery projects and go through my Grandmother's old books on those topics. I also always find myself wondering at how our family could have been thrown together like this. Or perhaps it's just because I feel so different to everyone here that I think that.. In the end it doesn't really matter and I find that I love them all. Especially my immediate family (even though my sister's a meanie sometimes) Merry Christmas!

The reindeer even came out to play!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Playlist

Instead of Something Old, Something New this week, I've decided (seeing as it is Christmas Eve after all) to share a bit of a Christmas Playlist. I don't like listening to the regular carols as I've heard them and played them a million times before and after doing a few carols gigs every year it's easy to get sick of them. This is a bit of a mixed up playlist, but I hope you find something new and maybe enjoy it.

First up we have a couple of numbers from the Eisley Family Christmas EPs (one from 2011 and one from 2012). According to Wiki: Eisley is a rock band from Texas (I haven't listened to their normal output yet but as far as I can tell from listening to their Christmas EP's they're not really a rock band.. Very Indie/Alternative sound) and is made up of a bunch of siblings and a cousin. I think that is such a cool thing! Chauntelle, Sherri, Stacy and Garron DuPree (although Sherri and Stacy are married so have different last names and different side projects with their new husbands, Perma and Sucré respectively). I first stumbled on Sherrie DuPree when I was going through my hair-dying faze and was looking for images of people who had blue hair. She is possibly one of the coolest people I don't know! She changes her hair colour all the time to any colour of the rainbow using Special Effects hair dye (some of them glow under UV light!!) she has amazing quirky taste in clothing and home decor, and she's a beautiful artist: just check out her site. I wish I could draw like her and be as cool as her. Inspiring! (go follow her on Instagram or Pinterest ;)

Anyway, my favourite thing on the Family Christmas EPs (which is available for free download btw) is White Christmas Nightmare by Sherri and her husband Max Bemis from the 2011 EP. I love it because it's really whacky and different.

The next favourite choice off the Christmas EP is from the 2012 one and is I'll be Home for Christmas by Merriment. Merriment is made up of Christie and Collin DuPree, I guess they're the siblings that aren't in Eisley. I find this song so sad and beautiful.

Next we have a more traditional White Christmas by Otis Redding.

And lastly for a bit of fun: Christmas Is All Around by Billy Mack from the movie: Love Actually. If you've never seen this movie then I don't know what's wrong with you! It's excellent and one of my all time favourite Christmas movies (as well as lovey-dovey soppy movie). This song is completely ridiculous and stupid, but sometimes isn't that what Christmas is about?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Outfit Misfit

This week's Outfit Misfit is a dress that I've only just started wearing a fair bit. I've had it for a while, possibly as long as two years, and I just never wore it because it needs a strapless bra. For a top that I got this year I had to get a strapless bra and it's allowed me to wear this dress. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it and obviously I like that so I like the dress! I think it looks a little like an apron; something to do with the colour and the stripes and the ties, but I'm fine with that =) I got it at some markets with my sister (either Bondi or Balmain... my memory is failing me) and it was made by a woman who sells her clothes at a stall. I don't think the cut of the front up to the halter neck suits me very well but I really like the back of it. Anyway, here are the pictures.

This picture was taken at Rose Bay, a gorgeous part of Sydney on a gorgeous day (picture taken by a gorgeous friend). My shoulders got so brown from walking around in this dress (and I got a shocking sandals tan.. but that's a story for another day).

This picture (and the one below) were taken just a few days ago at Balmoral Beach. The day was not the most ideal beach-going day but that didn't stop me and my friend Julia who had returned from the UK and who I have to thank for taking the pictures. I'm wearing a swimsuit underneath instead of a strapless bra and that's why you can see the straps..

And the view from behind. I really like the back of this dress and I think it was the winning factor making me buy it.
I hope the weather gets sunnier and there will be more, and better, beach trips to come this summer! And for all those in another part of the world, I hope you're jealous of our great beaches and bays. I <3 Australia.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY - Mistletoe Frame

I recently made an advent calendar and in my post about it I was lamenting about how difficult making the frame was and how easy it would be if I just had an old window frame lying around. Well I was driving around and saw one lying on the side of the road: unloved. It was the perfect size, and had fly-screen in it. Rejoice!!! Now I just had to think up a kick-ass DIY project to make use of it with. A friend of mine suggested I get some mistletoe and start decking my halls and that sparked the idea for this DIY. 

You will need:

  • A plain frame with no glass or backing. I removed the fly-screen from the one I found. (Alternatively you could go to the trouble of making one like I did in the advent calendar post, but rectangular will look better for this project).
  • Acrylic paints - green and white (if you want it to be exactly the same as mine, but you should go ahead and get creative with it =). I used "Derivan Matisse" Antique White, and Alpine Green, to create what I did.
  • Flowers that look like mistletoe. Did you know that mistletoe is kinda poisonous? I'm not really sure but it's best to be on the safe side, right? So I got a bunch of plants that I should've asked after the names of but I forgot. I got them at the Flower Markets in Sydney: a leafy green model, and a white, flat-leaf fuzzy number. Also I used baby's breath to add the white flowery look (as mistletoe has white berries I thought flowers would substitute fine).
  • Twine.
  • Elastic bands. For securing your bunches of mistletoe.
  • Red (or other festive colour) ribbon. You'll need about 50cm of it in order to tie nice bows (I think I had less than that because it was just the ribbon that I had in my craft box).
  • Two Command Hooks. You can just get these from the supermarket, they're basically just hooks you can attach and detach from the wall without ruining paint etc. Perfect for renters! In order to support the weight of the frame and everything I thought two would be better.
What to do:

Here is the empty frame, stripped of fly-screen, ready to be painted. (Of course I laid down my old painting sheet before I started)
1. Paint the frame. I mixed the Alpine Green and Antique White colours until I got a green that I was happy with. I painted the whole frame with this colour and then let it dry (I did this at 4:30 in the morning and then went to the Flower Markets. Yes, I'm crazy).

2. Paint decorative things around the frame. 

I took this picture after I finished. I painted mistletoe-esque things around the top two corners. Leaves and mistletoe berries. Not too hard! You don't need to be a star painter.
I also painted Kiss Me on the top of the frame ;)

3. Arrange your flowers into three bunches (or two, or one depending on the size of your frame) and secure them with elastic bands. 

4. Whenever your frame is completely dry, tie the bunches to the frame with the twine (see above picture) and tie ribbon around the bunches to make them prettier. I thought the contrast of the bright red ribbon with the green worked well. I hung the middle bunch a little lower than the others because I thought it looked better that way too.

5. Lure someone into your den and make them kiss you under the mistletoe.

I really don't like the way I've hung it: just resting on the hooks. I should really look into hanging it properly with some string or something but I was looking for a quick fix.
This is probably one of the most fun DIYs I've done yet!  =D I am quite proud of myself.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

[Spoiler alert for Gossip Girl fans who haven't seen the season/show finale]

I love Gossip Girl. Sure it's kinda trashy and a little bit silly but wowza the fashion (and there's a great overarching love story that's pretty amazing). So in the season finale Leighton Meester (who plays Blair Waldorf) is wearing an Elie Saab haute couture dress from the 2012 collection. I WANT IT.

Image from here
Above is a picture from a scene in the episode and below to the right is the dress on the runway. Gossip Girl stylists paired it with a stunning headband and drop earrings (see the picture below).

Image from here
This photo was a screenshot, it was hard to find a pic on the internet. Gorgeous headband and earrings!
 The whole Elie Saab haute couture collection was stunning; I love the colours, the beadwork, the appliqué, the sheerness, the cuts, the belts, the long sleeves... the list goes on. Here are a few more swoon-worthy dresses:

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here
Ok maybe the last pink one is a bit too princess for me, but still pretty.

Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY - Chalkboard Door

Maybe you remember, maybe you don't, but at the end of this old Weekly Wish-list post I mentioned I was working on a door-painting project. Well it's finally complete! This one has been a struggle and, for once, not because of me! I had a vision: chalkboard door, and I thought it would be fairly straightforward. The back of the chalkboard paint tin said it would be fairly straightforward. And here's what happened:

I had used a Dulux Design | Chalkboard paint and the back of the tin said:

"Drying time: On a day of around 25degrees the paint finish will be touch dry in 30 minutes and ready for re-coat in 2 hours.
Care of new paint work: Avoid using Dulux Design Chalkboard for at least 45 hours after painting. This will allow Dulux Design Chalkboard to be fully hardened and provide the best results."

So I spent one day doing two coats of paint waiting at least three hours between the coats. I then decided to wait three days (well actually I was kind of busy so it wasn't so much a conscious decision) before attempting to write on the chalkboard. The day arrived and I started writing! But the paint started to come off as I was writing and I could see the white of the door behind.. I decided to ring Dulux and see what I should do: they said I needed to wait 7 days before writing on the door!! And that I should have prepared the surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the door, rubbing it out, and then writing. So thanks for that advice Dulux, much too late. The man on the phone (who I don't blame, he was actually very helpful and sympathetic) said that I then needed to sand it all back and start again. !!!!!!!! What a pain! I then started the long and arduous job, going through 4 pieces of 120 sandpaper, to sand back my door. I injured my shoulder in the process.. but it was just a little strain (still added to my annoyance at Dulux because it was in the period before my recital). After it was done I realised I probably didn't have enough chalkboard paint left to coat the whole door twice again (I'd only bought a little pot because I didn't think I'd be doing the whole job again..) so I went back to Bunnings and bought a different brand: White Knight. After waiting extra long amounts of time and getting really nervous about writing on my board, I finally did it this week and it has worked beautifully.

Seeing as it's Christmas I've decided to decorate my door accordingly. The top section is going to be monthly calendar with important things on it (I have a week-to-week planner on the other side of my door). In the beginning, it took me a little while to think up Christmassy borders and the holly is where I started, as an obvious choice; but Christmas is such a good theme and I quickly thought up more ideas. Reindeer, snow-people (to be politically correct), bells, snowflakes, and the evening star. I always forget things, and people that know me well know this, and no matter how well I remember to think about them the night before I always fail to do it on the day. So that's why I have a "Don't Forget!" section. I also wanted to write more specifics about what I should do today so that's where the "Today is:" section comes in. I plan to write things like: practice, knit, run etc. The "To-Do List" will go down the right hand side and the rest of the bottom space will be taken up by things I want to do and see or things that interest me; new music, events etc. I will be an organisational queen! See below for the close ups.

On another note: I am really tired of Blogger and not being able to always get the pictures where I want them easily etc, so I have bought a blogging e-course that will teach me how to do computer coding. I'm going to be trying a new blog look in the new year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

Breaking news in the fashion world! Well, it's not really "breaking" news, assuming that breaking means it's just happened.. On the 7th of December Moda Operandi launched their project "Boutique" where you can order items that are ready to ship. Moda Operandi started with the trunkshow concept of showing fashion lines immediately after shows and therefore it was a pre-order system by which customers receive the items when they're made, usually 6 months or so after the trunkshow has aired. It's so exciting that they're offering ready-to-ship so this week I want to pic my faves from the current items.
1. Marc Jacobs Degrade Floral Long Scoop Neck Dress. What a mouthful. I love colour! And the graded colours and floral pattern are really pretty together. You can't see it very well here but there is a very thin, light blue, glittery belt. (Side note: I hate the shoes that they've styled it with here.. makes her feet look like duck feet. Anyway, the dress would probably be full-length on me because my legs are short..)
 2. Marni Iris Blue A-Line Skirt. *Sigh* such a pretty colour, perfect cut, perfect length, and it has pockets! Definitely in love. I should try to make something like this myself. If I can't make pockets like that (pockets can be tricky) then I'll just put flaps there and have fake pockets.

3. Aurelie Bidermann Wheat Bangle. I am not the biggest jewellery wearer; I only wear two diamond rings, and either a pair of small drop earrings from Pandora (these ones, and also in a light blue) and only sometimes do I wear some bangles or bracelets. This bangle is really lovely, but not for the coeliacs ;) It's only on the wish-list because it's funky; I also don't think it should be 258euro when it's gold-plated silver... Anyway, nice to look at.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Something Old Something New

Continuing in a Russian theme, after Arensky in last week's post, this week's Something Old comes from Alexander Borodin. His second quartet is the more popular, from my experience with what most string players know, but I think his first is better. The second quartet is really great! The first three movements of it that is.. I think the fourth is a dud (just my opinion, feel free to disagree!). As well as both coming from Russians this week's Something Old is also a Scherzo movement. It's not the scherzo part that makes me love it though, it's the harmonic bit in the middle. For non-string players out there harmonics are created by placing the finger gently on the string instead of depressing it; there are a number of natural harmonics available and one can also create artificial harmonics (click on "harmonics and modes" in this awesome link to read more about it). It's so beautiful and I've played it before and think that all the harmonics are natural ones, the first violin and cello play them and the second violin plays a moving part whilst muted, and I can't remember what the viola does.. Anyway it's really amazing and I managed to find a recording on YouTube that is actually the one I normally listen to!! Borodin String Quartet playing the Borodin String Quartets haha. I do have a bit of a pet hate with this recording and that is in this scherzo movement, right after the gorgeous ethereal harmonic section, they launch right back in with an attack and it really jolts me out of my mood. I wish they'd just ease into it a bit better and create a better link between the material of the harmonic section and that of the section following. Anyway, still amazing playing so go have a listen:

Something New is Regina Spektor. She is amazing. I saw her live at Splendour in the Grass last year and it was the best show of the whole thing. Her songs aren't just typical poppy stuff, they have such interesting moments. And it's nice to have a mix-up of instruments. I hadn't listened to much of her stuff before Splendour in the Grass and then one day I borrowed my sister's car and she had the "Begin to Hope" CD in it and I stole borrowed it and put it on my computer. The first song of this album is the one I'm sharing today. I love the line: I hear in my mind, all of these voices, I hear in my mind, all of these words, I hear in my mind, all of this music, and it breaks my heart and it breaks my heart.. This music video is excellent too:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Snaps

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts.. And I think it's time to put up some snaps of some of the interesting things I've been doing.

I went to Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi and I promised in this old post that I'd tell you what it was like. The sculptures were pretty great! The picture below is of my favourite one and there was a lot more too it than you can see there. However I didn't enjoy it that much because there were just so many people.. I felt like a sheep that was getting herded around. I'd love to have gone at 5 in the morning or something (but who wants to get up that early ever?). Anyway, I would still recommend you get along to it next year if you've never been.

More recently I went to Cockatoo Island. It was a beautiful day for catching the ferry and walking around with a faux-tour guide and a booklet. It's really interesting to see places and imagine the things that happened years ago and how different everything was. Here is a picture of a crane: (of which there were lots on the island). Here is the link to the website for all your nosey needs.

And even more recently than that, just last weekend, I went North of Sydney to the Wiseman's Ferry area of the Hawkesbury region. I was there for a whole day and night for a friend's camping party and it was amazing fun. The weather was beautiful (although very hot!!) and we went swimming in the river, which is what this snap is of. I met lots of new people, got stung by a jellyfish, ate fire-toasted marshmallows and got a little burnt. What more could you want from camping?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Something Old, Something New

This week's Something Old is a cheerful little movement from the piano trio by Anton Arensky. I find it a little repetitive.. but I still enjoy the ricochet lightness of bowing and playful character. As per usual, the YouTube videos for classical music that isn't incredibly famous can be hard to find, so this is the best I could get! I'm not sure why this movement just popped into my head today.. I love when the cello comes in after about a minute. I wish I could play cello!

Something New doesn't correlate at all with Something Old, but in the same way that Arensky's trio popped into my head randomly, this song did too. There are lovely memories associated with this song for me; I went to Splendour in the Grass last year with my friend Katherine who wanted to go see this band: Seeker Lover Keeper. The person who formed the band, Sarah Blasko, has such an amazing voice and she found Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby who also have interesting qualities in their voices to form this group (by the way they are all Australian; Australian pride!). It's interesting to see how their voices blend and throughout their whole self-titled album how each voice is featured or supporting. Some of the songs are not to my liking and the vocals are a bit rough (I feel like some of it is just a bit too out of tune!) but this one was one that Katherine made me listen to as we road-tripped up to Queensland and I was quite hooked by it. It's not surprising that this is quite a girly band; lots of girl fans. So the fond memory associated with this song for me is when we heard it live and we were near the front of the stage and a tall guy was singing along (very loudly) to the entirety of the song! Have a listen and you'll see why it's funny, and maybe the name of the song gives you a clue: "Even Though I'm A Woman".

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

This week on Tuesday I went for lunch and a stroll up Crown Street in Surry Hills with my friend Jennifer. It was absolutely beautiful weather in Sydney: high 20's, sunny and a slight breeze. We were set on going to check out Wheels and Dollbaby which is (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong) an Australian fashion brand with their tagline: "clothes to snare a millionaire". It's got a very rockabilly, pin-up girl vibe to it and I was a bit embarrassed that I had never set a foot in one of their stores before. When we walked in we were greeted with velvet couches and curtains and plush carpet. Jen picked out a few dresses for me and I tried them on for fun (still on a shopping ban which btw is no fun). I fell in love with this black dress which is sheer at the top, has a collar and is very body-hugging velvet at the bottom *sigh* the perfect LBD - little black dress. One thing is for sure: you have to be super confident in your body to pull off the majority of their outfits.

I hate the leopard print background. Awful! But I hope the awesome sexiness of the dress shines through.
I love showing a bit of back and this is just stunning. Not to mention the lace!