Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY - Chalkboard Door

Maybe you remember, maybe you don't, but at the end of this old Weekly Wish-list post I mentioned I was working on a door-painting project. Well it's finally complete! This one has been a struggle and, for once, not because of me! I had a vision: chalkboard door, and I thought it would be fairly straightforward. The back of the chalkboard paint tin said it would be fairly straightforward. And here's what happened:

I had used a Dulux Design | Chalkboard paint and the back of the tin said:

"Drying time: On a day of around 25degrees the paint finish will be touch dry in 30 minutes and ready for re-coat in 2 hours.
Care of new paint work: Avoid using Dulux Design Chalkboard for at least 45 hours after painting. This will allow Dulux Design Chalkboard to be fully hardened and provide the best results."

So I spent one day doing two coats of paint waiting at least three hours between the coats. I then decided to wait three days (well actually I was kind of busy so it wasn't so much a conscious decision) before attempting to write on the chalkboard. The day arrived and I started writing! But the paint started to come off as I was writing and I could see the white of the door behind.. I decided to ring Dulux and see what I should do: they said I needed to wait 7 days before writing on the door!! And that I should have prepared the surface by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over the door, rubbing it out, and then writing. So thanks for that advice Dulux, much too late. The man on the phone (who I don't blame, he was actually very helpful and sympathetic) said that I then needed to sand it all back and start again. !!!!!!!! What a pain! I then started the long and arduous job, going through 4 pieces of 120 sandpaper, to sand back my door. I injured my shoulder in the process.. but it was just a little strain (still added to my annoyance at Dulux because it was in the period before my recital). After it was done I realised I probably didn't have enough chalkboard paint left to coat the whole door twice again (I'd only bought a little pot because I didn't think I'd be doing the whole job again..) so I went back to Bunnings and bought a different brand: White Knight. After waiting extra long amounts of time and getting really nervous about writing on my board, I finally did it this week and it has worked beautifully.

Seeing as it's Christmas I've decided to decorate my door accordingly. The top section is going to be monthly calendar with important things on it (I have a week-to-week planner on the other side of my door). In the beginning, it took me a little while to think up Christmassy borders and the holly is where I started, as an obvious choice; but Christmas is such a good theme and I quickly thought up more ideas. Reindeer, snow-people (to be politically correct), bells, snowflakes, and the evening star. I always forget things, and people that know me well know this, and no matter how well I remember to think about them the night before I always fail to do it on the day. So that's why I have a "Don't Forget!" section. I also wanted to write more specifics about what I should do today so that's where the "Today is:" section comes in. I plan to write things like: practice, knit, run etc. The "To-Do List" will go down the right hand side and the rest of the bottom space will be taken up by things I want to do and see or things that interest me; new music, events etc. I will be an organisational queen! See below for the close ups.

On another note: I am really tired of Blogger and not being able to always get the pictures where I want them easily etc, so I have bought a blogging e-course that will teach me how to do computer coding. I'm going to be trying a new blog look in the new year!

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