Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY - Mistletoe Frame

I recently made an advent calendar and in my post about it I was lamenting about how difficult making the frame was and how easy it would be if I just had an old window frame lying around. Well I was driving around and saw one lying on the side of the road: unloved. It was the perfect size, and had fly-screen in it. Rejoice!!! Now I just had to think up a kick-ass DIY project to make use of it with. A friend of mine suggested I get some mistletoe and start decking my halls and that sparked the idea for this DIY. 

You will need:

  • A plain frame with no glass or backing. I removed the fly-screen from the one I found. (Alternatively you could go to the trouble of making one like I did in the advent calendar post, but rectangular will look better for this project).
  • Acrylic paints - green and white (if you want it to be exactly the same as mine, but you should go ahead and get creative with it =). I used "Derivan Matisse" Antique White, and Alpine Green, to create what I did.
  • Flowers that look like mistletoe. Did you know that mistletoe is kinda poisonous? I'm not really sure but it's best to be on the safe side, right? So I got a bunch of plants that I should've asked after the names of but I forgot. I got them at the Flower Markets in Sydney: a leafy green model, and a white, flat-leaf fuzzy number. Also I used baby's breath to add the white flowery look (as mistletoe has white berries I thought flowers would substitute fine).
  • Twine.
  • Elastic bands. For securing your bunches of mistletoe.
  • Red (or other festive colour) ribbon. You'll need about 50cm of it in order to tie nice bows (I think I had less than that because it was just the ribbon that I had in my craft box).
  • Two Command Hooks. You can just get these from the supermarket, they're basically just hooks you can attach and detach from the wall without ruining paint etc. Perfect for renters! In order to support the weight of the frame and everything I thought two would be better.
What to do:

Here is the empty frame, stripped of fly-screen, ready to be painted. (Of course I laid down my old painting sheet before I started)
1. Paint the frame. I mixed the Alpine Green and Antique White colours until I got a green that I was happy with. I painted the whole frame with this colour and then let it dry (I did this at 4:30 in the morning and then went to the Flower Markets. Yes, I'm crazy).

2. Paint decorative things around the frame. 

I took this picture after I finished. I painted mistletoe-esque things around the top two corners. Leaves and mistletoe berries. Not too hard! You don't need to be a star painter.
I also painted Kiss Me on the top of the frame ;)

3. Arrange your flowers into three bunches (or two, or one depending on the size of your frame) and secure them with elastic bands. 

4. Whenever your frame is completely dry, tie the bunches to the frame with the twine (see above picture) and tie ribbon around the bunches to make them prettier. I thought the contrast of the bright red ribbon with the green worked well. I hung the middle bunch a little lower than the others because I thought it looked better that way too.

5. Lure someone into your den and make them kiss you under the mistletoe.

I really don't like the way I've hung it: just resting on the hooks. I should really look into hanging it properly with some string or something but I was looking for a quick fix.
This is probably one of the most fun DIYs I've done yet!  =D I am quite proud of myself.

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