Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Snaps

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts.. And I think it's time to put up some snaps of some of the interesting things I've been doing.

I went to Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi and I promised in this old post that I'd tell you what it was like. The sculptures were pretty great! The picture below is of my favourite one and there was a lot more too it than you can see there. However I didn't enjoy it that much because there were just so many people.. I felt like a sheep that was getting herded around. I'd love to have gone at 5 in the morning or something (but who wants to get up that early ever?). Anyway, I would still recommend you get along to it next year if you've never been.

More recently I went to Cockatoo Island. It was a beautiful day for catching the ferry and walking around with a faux-tour guide and a booklet. It's really interesting to see places and imagine the things that happened years ago and how different everything was. Here is a picture of a crane: (of which there were lots on the island). Here is the link to the website for all your nosey needs.

And even more recently than that, just last weekend, I went North of Sydney to the Wiseman's Ferry area of the Hawkesbury region. I was there for a whole day and night for a friend's camping party and it was amazing fun. The weather was beautiful (although very hot!!) and we went swimming in the river, which is what this snap is of. I met lots of new people, got stung by a jellyfish, ate fire-toasted marshmallows and got a little burnt. What more could you want from camping?

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