Monday, December 3, 2012

On the To-Do List

It's December! Last month of the year and as always things are catching up to me. I can't help but always feel a bit disappointed with myself when it gets to this stage of the year; perhaps because my expectations of myself are too high. Even in short-term talk, it's been three days into December and I haven't made a blog post yet. So in an effort to make up for this I am going to post the posts that I had planned and therefore there will be a lot of posts coming up in the next couple of days.

This post was intended for Saturday 1st and actually should have been done before December even started! On the To-Do List is the almighty advent calendar; a project that can either be super easy or quite involved depending on your commitment to the cause. So of course, with my active imagination and over-estimation of my own crafting skills, the one I've planned is quite involved and is not yet finished but this post is about sharing the inspiration for what I've done (the real thing will hopefully be finished by tomorrow..)

Image from this blog.

So the first one over there on the left takes my fancy because of all the beautiful little ornaments. I think this is the winner for trying next year. But the weight of the ornaments vs the holding power of the paper envelopes/backing sheet is something to consider.. The one to the right is a nice simple-looking one (but I bet there is more involved than first meets the eye) and I like that the envelopes are all in the same style. Btw, what does "god jul" mean? Anyone? Good jolliness? hmm.. I'm feeling a Swedish vibe from that. I haven't looked much at the blog, the source of the picture, but it looks pretty interesting (any blog with a cake decorating tab deserves a bit of a gander in my opinion).

Image from here.

 Now this one right above looks nice and simple. Rip out some pages of old carols music and make envelopes out of them and then peg it to a line! And I am clearly already an expert at pegging things.. But the finding of places to hang line across proved to be a little difficult and last week I felt like getting some serious crafty pants on so it wasn't challenging enough. Although seeing as it's 3rd of December already and the advent calendar is not yet finished, maybe that's the one I should have emulated..

Below we have some more envelopes! I love the varied colours and patterns and that there seems to be no order in how they are arranged. I also like that it's a stand-up-big-card style advent calendar. But about the envelopes, how does one fit a nice sized goodie in there? And there are two of us in my household with 2 regular stay over guests from time to time so there'd need to be space for at least four goodies. I don't think those dainty paper envelopes cut it.. But a lovely idea from here.

Lastly is the one that is the one I am trying to emulate. Little did I know what a bitch (should I have provided a language warning for that?) chicken wire is to cut. Anyway, it's looking good even though it's half finished and as I mentioned about the envelope dilemma in my evaluation of the above advent calendar, I have made some adjustments to mine. All will be revealed tomorrow! (If I keep promising I'll post it tomorrow then it has to happen right?!)

Image and inspiration from this blog.
So it's time to start decking the halls with Christmas cheer!! Only 22 days to go and there is nothing nicer than waking up to be cheered by your own house! So other things on the To-Do List are: a wreath, tree for tiny apartments, and hopefully some Christmas ornaments.

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