Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

Breaking news in the fashion world! Well, it's not really "breaking" news, assuming that breaking means it's just happened.. On the 7th of December Moda Operandi launched their project "Boutique" where you can order items that are ready to ship. Moda Operandi started with the trunkshow concept of showing fashion lines immediately after shows and therefore it was a pre-order system by which customers receive the items when they're made, usually 6 months or so after the trunkshow has aired. It's so exciting that they're offering ready-to-ship so this week I want to pic my faves from the current items.
1. Marc Jacobs Degrade Floral Long Scoop Neck Dress. What a mouthful. I love colour! And the graded colours and floral pattern are really pretty together. You can't see it very well here but there is a very thin, light blue, glittery belt. (Side note: I hate the shoes that they've styled it with here.. makes her feet look like duck feet. Anyway, the dress would probably be full-length on me because my legs are short..)
 2. Marni Iris Blue A-Line Skirt. *Sigh* such a pretty colour, perfect cut, perfect length, and it has pockets! Definitely in love. I should try to make something like this myself. If I can't make pockets like that (pockets can be tricky) then I'll just put flaps there and have fake pockets.

3. Aurelie Bidermann Wheat Bangle. I am not the biggest jewellery wearer; I only wear two diamond rings, and either a pair of small drop earrings from Pandora (these ones, and also in a light blue) and only sometimes do I wear some bangles or bracelets. This bangle is really lovely, but not for the coeliacs ;) It's only on the wish-list because it's funky; I also don't think it should be 258euro when it's gold-plated silver... Anyway, nice to look at.

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