Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weekly Wish-list

I was looking through the latest Vogue Australia and always appreciate how little ads we have as compared to American Vogue. That doesn't mean I dislike ads, in fact I quite like the big spreads for the big fashion brands and so that is how Chanel is featured in this week's wish-list. Chanel has to be on every girl's wish-list! Such an iconic brand with an innovative-but-still-classic feel. It seems like Karl can hardly put a foot wrong these days (which makes you think, does everybody continue to be obsessed with Chanel because of the huge reputation Coco and Karl have built? I bet he could do something totally crap and everybody would still love it). Having said that, the latest Cruise collection, 2013, is not my cup of tea. Some of it intrigues me with the very baroque embellishment and Marie-Antoinette-esque shapes, colours and styles, but most of it would not be on my most wanted list. There is one look in particular, modelled by Cara Delevingne in the latest campaign, that had me swooning though and it's the 68th look in the runway show.

Image from here
Oh boy do I hate those shoes.. Otherwise the styling (again Marie-Antoinette-esque) is excellent! Love the bird cage and the hair looks great (don't worry, I won't be trying that style any time soon ever). *Sigh* the dress! It looks almost like it's a dress with a little jacket. Click here to go to the look in the runway show as you can zoom in and see it straight on a bit more easily. I think I could dream up something like it: plain frock pattern with some tulle underneath and cut out and sew on bits of velvet maybe for the red part? Then just make a little jacket to go with it. (So many things I want to make and not enough time for them all!)

Go to the Chanel website and watch the fashion show! Or if your internet isn't fast enough just look go to the ready to wear tab and click Cruise 2012/13 (or click this link).

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